Oakwood P4 Storyplay Session 4

Session 4

24th February 2020

We had another wonderful day on Monday with Primary 4!

We started with the warm-up to get our minds and bodies working and created lots of our own rhymes and similes with actions. The whole class then had ten minutes to go and write down pairs of rhyming similes. Here are some fantastic examples:

  • As boingy as a kangaroo that went wohoo! – Derek

  • As bouncy as a trampoline and as sad as a scene – William

  • As yummy as a cake and as cold as a snowflake – Mason D

  • As tall as a tower and as big as a flower – Amber

  • As warm as tea and as giggly as me! – Kasey

  • Jump as high as a bunny and as round as money – Alina

  • As slimey as a snake and as big as a cake! – Kaydie

  • As big as a giant and as long as the titanic, as wiggly as a worm and as squiggly as a squiggle – Kasey

  • As cozy as a nook and as crook as a book – Tommy

  • As loud as a dog and as white as fog – Jodi

We followed this with Funky Chicken which was started off by Mason D. We had lots of fantastic animal suggestions from everyone. Such as the ‘dying fish,’ ‘wriggly jellyfish’ and ‘snapping crocodile.’

We then did Ickerickeroo which is a song all about body parts, but instead of normal names they have Scottish names like ‘lug listeners’ for ears and ‘chest wheezer’ for chest and ‘bread basket’ for tummy. This was sung heartily by the whole class who all know it very well by now!

We then played ‘Kings Footsteps’ which was a Molly Whuppie inspired version of ‘Monster’s Footsteps.’ In this version the grandma that lives in the forest is a giant instead who lives in his house with a beautiful garden. Instead of the ‘creepy trees’ we had ‘creepy kings’ who were sneaking up on the giant to steal his precious things by walking across the bridge of the one hair. This version was brilliant! The kings were fantastic at wobbly walking across the bridge and then staying completely still when the giant turned round to have a look. Today Brooke, Melissa and Mason D were the giants.

After break time we moved on to story making. We used 3 cups to make ‘3 cup stories.’ As a class we came up with objects for one cup, characters for the second cup and places for the third cup. We then split into three groups and each group picked out a place, character and object from each cup and used these as inspiration for their story. We ended up with three fantastically rich stories which you can read below:

Miss Piggy and the Sea Book of Spells

The Friendly Painting Tiger, and…

The Crazy Adventure of Momaka the Monkey and the Speaking Potato.

Session 4 Stories!

So a very rich day at Oakwood was had. The cups have been left there so that more stories can be written. And there’s some rumours that the letters the p4’s wrote last week have some replies on the way!

Remember, you can see all the children’s work on our Facebook page.