Oakwood P4 Storyplay Sessions 1 & 2

17th February 2020

This Spring at Oakwood we are working with Primary 4 on a Storyplay literacy residency. All of the children’s written & artwork can be looked at on our Facebook page – a selection of pics are below.

Session 1

In our first session on Monday, we played a selection of Lickety Playcard games and did reflective drawing and writing.

Everyone came up with a Funky Chicken animal, and wrote down this as well as what they had seen from their Flying Balloons. We had a very wholehearted game of Monsters Footsteps with Summer & Darryn as enthusiastic Granny’s!

In the Magic Ball… we landed on a cold Star. We saw a mountain – someone thought it might be Everest! We handed out boots & hiking sticks, being quiet in case we surprised anything!

We all hiked bravely up the mountain, jumping over a crevice, someone saw a polar bear, someone else saw a giant diamond! We encountered two aliens – everyone shook hands with the first and fed biscuits to the second. Someone else gave it Goo.

We found the alien’s broken spaceship and everyone got involved in mending it – finding wood, screw-drivers etc. Then we jumped into a crater & fell down into the sea, where we saw lots of sea creatures.

Finally, we all had a sleep by the sea looking up at dark sky.

This story was illustrated and written about by every child before presenting their work in the Lickety Art Gallery.

Session 2

After lunch, Virginia presented the LicketyTale of Molly Whuppie! A fantastic story of bravery and adventure, about Molly, the Giant and the King!

Everyone wrote abut their favourite part or character and illustrated their work beautifully.

Each child received their own copy of the Molly Whuppie book. We will continue exploring this story later this week and all work will be presented at the Exhibition and Assembly at the end of term.

“I saw a dragon on the mountain & an alien. We found a sea and I felt brave! The dragon creeps up on us!”

Child, P4

“I saw the galaxy with my family with the Magic Ball, there was so many aliens”

Child, P4

“The Aliens were very nice”

Child, P4

‘Grumpy Owl’

‘Silly Dragon’

‘Kind Lion’

‘Terrified Hyena’

Funky Chicken Suggestions, P4 Children

I saw children joining in I wouldn’t have expected to.

Teacher, P4

“I liked the Giant because he was kind.”

Child, P4