Playing some of our favourite Games!!

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Find out what the Bridgeton group get up to in their Porridge & Play Hub adventures each week! Porridge & Play is running throughout 2022 with this six week block being the first of many great tales!

Blog posts are written by André!

Week 3 of Bridgeton Porridge & Play

Friday 25th March

We loved seeing everyone once again for our Bridgeton Porridge and Play session on Friday 25th March!

It was a beautifully sunny day so we played outside in the sun. Outside play is so important for our development, we learn and grow so much when we play outside together. Some of our favourite games made an appearance this week. We started off being as BIG as a BEAR! We then met the Funky Chicken and some amazingly fun animals! Soon we met Fred who had Jelly on his Head! We all got together for some Dessing Up, we love Dressing Up at Licketyspit! We can create creative and fun costumes from just the clothes we have laying around our own homes. Maybe you could do some dressing up in the Easter Holidays?

Once we were dressed up, we became Pirates returning from the deep deep sea to sing a song about our Grandma.

Recapping a lot of the games, rhymes and songs we have played before helps us to learn the games and increase our confidence. It helps us remember things faster, longer and more easily.

Did you know that reading the same book multiple times can help young minds learn things like words and other reading skills! When we find something we love, why not do it all over again, especially as a big group?! 

Some of our fave moments from Week 3…

‘A pirate ship it was her favourite part Captain Rosie would be her Captain name who would be nice and friendly at going on big adventures and felt good playing the games.’


‘A mouse, grandmas walking stick and a love heart! Favourite game big as a bear.’


‘A shark, a rainbow and crocodile. Her favourite part was the food! Soup was her favourite.’


‘Sonic the hedgehog running super fast he would like playing the Licketyspit games! Miss Mary Mac was her favourite.’


‘Heart, rose, elephant and a mouse she likes them all but her favourite game Funky Chicken.’


Playing some of our favourite games!!

Our Big as a Bear warm-up was as delightful as always with so many of you calling out the animals showing our Storyplay Champions LatifaPatience and Presley how much we love warming up our bodies and our minds.

We could not believe that we once again found Fred with Jelly on his Head and all of his other friends wearing equally odd things as they went to bed. Everyone called out the odd things that Fred had on as he went to bed, such as ice cream in his ears!! Somehow we also came across Miss Mary Mac, who was all dressed in black black black. We had so much excitement that we all had to take a quick nap at the end of the song, but luckily we had Alan, who told us all we needed to wake up! Arafa said it was their favourite game.

Before we knew it, some Pirates and their captains appeared from the ocean. Lexi was such a fun captain asking us to go port and starboard and telling us when there was a shark attack! Malek said she saw a shark, a rainbow and a crocodile! Presley said the pirate ship was her favourite part. Captain Rosie was a nice, friendly captain. It’s so lovely to see everyone getting involved in the imaginative Storyplay and that, even when playing the same games, each and every session can be different and exciting!

We loved seeing the participants joining in together and getting excited when their favourite games came up. Having the gallery outside, everyone was very helpful in putting away the tables and chairs with us and clearing away their plates. We such a fantastic time with you all!

See you this Friday coming for more adventures and maybe a new game or two!

Blog by André and the Bridgeton Hub!

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Porridge & Play Bridgeton is a New Scots Integration Project by Licketyspit, in collaboration with Church House.

 What’s Next?

Porridge & Play Bridgeton is a New Scots Integration Project that will be running throughout 2022! We will be starting Picnic & Play in May and we can’t wait to go on even more adventures!

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