From Bridgeton to Troon – dancing, sea, sand & a big bye to Ruby!


Salsa, Sand, Sea & Send offs TROON We had a WONDERFUL trip to TROON with the Bridgeton Families! Some of us – led by Taz & Andre - had to dance on the sea wall to keep the Naughty Seagulls away from our Picnic – which was especially delicious because Tarika had made us DEELICIOUS chickpea stew & rice that we all LOVED & enjoyed along with our crusty French baguettes with,cheese,tomatoes, apples, bananas, tangerines and strawberries! We played Big as a Bear and Hello! My Name is Joe, Funky Chicken and CoCo. We danced and then we ran across the huge sandy beach and paddled in the waves! Most of us went to the playpark too before we came back for The Magic Clap and Muffins. The sun had come out! And we couldn’t choose what we’d enjoyed most about the day because it was ALL JUST LOVELY! It was also a bit sad and wonderful – sad because it was Ruby’s last day with the Licketyspit families as CFN Producer. Lots of people had send her Good Luck messages, and some of the Bridgeton Mums/Grans gave her a beautiful Hamper of Pamper! (box of relaxing treats!) and some gorgeous flowers – wonderful because it has been SO GREAT having Ruby at Licketyspit and we all LOVE her! AND we know she will never [...]

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Cakes & Balloons Galore at the Bridgeton Party


Find out what the Bridgeton group got up to in their latest Storyplay adventure!  Celebration! Friday 2nd June Well would you believe it, this block of Porridge & Play has come to an end. It just feels like yesterday we were rocking up to St Francis in the East and introducing our new Actor-Pedagogue Steven to our friends in Bridgeton. He's definitely part of the family now, in fact last Friday's session just felt like a bunch of pals getting together for a family party. We were joined by... The lazy frog The delicious banana Moira's Singing Cow Holly's Funky Butterfly Zainah's loud horse Abaker's first Monkey! and the Slithering and Fast Snake! We danced around as everyone arrived, dressed up as explorers and took off in the Magic Ball! We arrived in a very windy place. Zainah had some kites which we were really enjoying flying when suddenly there was a tornado!! Whoosh we tried to avoid it but off we went! We landed beside a very important chef in need of a very important recipe. Luckily we were up to the task, helping the chef make the most delicious of cakes using Strawberry icing sugar, Strawberry, Milk, Chocolate, Rainbow sprinkles, Tuna, Blueberries, Banana, Eggs & Flour! Yum! That got our appetite going so we were thrilled to get back to Bridgeton in time for the celebration feast! Baneen made delicious cheesy bolognaise [...]

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A flight to the Seaside and a very cool Beach Party


Find out what the Bridgeton group got up to in their latest Storyplay adventure!  Week 4 Friday 26th May The weather has been so much warmer this week and the Bridgeton pals have been noticing it! It felt like Friday afternoon was the perfect time to gather together with our friends and go for a lovely refreshing flight on our Flying Balloons to look for a nice beach! Ready and…BLOW! The sea was green and blue and the water was at a perfect temperature! We relaxed in the calm sea and discussed the different creatures we might find, like sharks or even orca whales.  And then a notion…what about an underwater exploration? Three, two, one, TAKE A BIG BREATH! We swam like seahorses and ran around like crabs. We found keys that opened all opened a big treasure chest! ICE CREAM! ICCE CREAM! Come and get yours! This Ice Cream maker was something else. You could ask for any flavour and she would just make it for you there and then! We had fantastic flavours like sausage, mustard, sprinkles, strawberry, vanilla, popcorn soda and raspberry. Hey you lot seem like a really cool bunch! Wanna come to our Dressing Up Beach Party? Guess what we said? Yes please! The Bridgeton pals are experts at dressing up and oh they can dance! We had the grooviest moves [...]

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An Afternoon at the Bridgeton Forest


Find out what the Bridgeton group got up to in their latest Storyplay adventure!  Week 3 Friday 19th May We had a lovely Friday afternoon with our Bridgeton pals at Porridge & Play! Everyone was very smiley and looking forward to getting their weekend started and there was a very jolly atmosphere at the church! Our circle is really quite big as there are so many of us up for a good time. We love starting with a good boogie The grown ups are always ready for any fantastic shapes the children may throw at them! Alan and Shae are fast with their footwork but Moira, Niamat, Colleen or Arafa have no problem keeping up with that! Make Yourself as Big As A Bear!! The littlest ones like Maab and Emilia know every word to our favourite warm up and Mohammed really loves swooping and gliding like the Bird. This Friday we had some very funky moves playing Funky Chicken… Alan gave us a Wriggly snake  Holly a Naughty elephant   Zainah a Big pig  Sulman a Fast pig Rayna a Fire breathing dragon And Mariam a Barking dog Cami told us about her friend Fred who has Jelly on His Head And then we made ourselves into wonderful trees that turn into funny monsters in the Bridgeton Forest… Did you know that there are Grannies who [...]

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The Happy Bridgeton Crew make a very Mucky Brew!


Find out what the Bridgeton group got up to in their latest Storyplay adventure!  Week 2 Friday 12th May Let me tell you about our happy Bridgeton bunch! This group of pals really really like to dance They groove and turn they hop and jump And together they make cool dance steps up! Funky Chicken is their favourite game They create creatures and they’re never the same… A Tiger, a Shepard dog A Fast fish, a Naughty penguin  A Small chicken that says quack  A Fast cheetah, a Crazy bunny and a Fast cat! This week they made a really Mucky Brew with a tin of beans, custard and cheeky Monkey, fire, chocolate cake and candy! Mucky Me Mucky You  Mucky Mucky Mucky Brew. They love to dress up!  This week they were Pirates And had Pirate Training  and got bossed about  By Smelly Potato. Pirate Sir! Pirate Holly! Pirate Smelly Nelly! Scary Pirate! Pirate Jacka! Pirate Crusty! And Captain Alan! What a grand afternoon! This bunch of Bridgeton pals truly are a HAPPY CREW! By Taz, Cami, Steven and the Bridgeton Porridge pals! The Licketyspit Art Gallery! In Partnership With Visit the Porridge [...]

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Can you spot the Armadillo?


Find out what the Bridgeton group got up to in their latest Storyplay adventure!  Week 1 of Porridge & Play Bridgeton 2023 Friday 5th May It was lovely to be back in Bridgeton again for Porridge & Play 2023! We had a great group of 29 including lots of our old friends and a couple of new families - great to meet you! Some visiting Grannies also joined the group for a dance and dress up! You can see one of them in the picture to the right. Can you remember their song? We flew above Glasgow in our Flying Balloons and William saw the Armadillo which he drew in his Reflective Drawing. The second time we went up in the sky we talked about where we might go - Ireland, Poland, Iraq, Sudan, China, Ukraine…  We ended up high above a rainforest full of fairies and snappy crocodiles! Spotting a cool blue lake, we flew down for a refreshing dip with the colourful fish. Being in the water was exciting and relaxing and we worked up an apetite swimming around.  So it was time to fly back to Bridgeton for our picnic of melon and strawberries, soup and bread and all sorts of fruits! Thanks for joining us, see you next time! Thanks for joining us, see you next time! Sarah, Taz, Steven, Ruby [...]

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New film demonstrates the power of Porridge & Play


Monday 27th March Thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund, Licketyspit’s Porridge & Play sessions will be back in 6 Glasgow communities and online for 2023/24. Now in its 7th year, Big Porridge & Play Glasgow will take place in Govan, Maryhill, Whiteinch and online, as well as in Bridgeton, Castlemilk & Cranhill. The east end and Castlemilk groups were started last year as part of the Scottish Government’s New Scots Integration Strategy, and the Lottery have stepped up to fund their continuation. Children and parents highlight the positive impact the sessions have on their confidence, mental health and wellbeing, relationships and sense of belonging, as well as children’s learning and development. “When I come here I feel like you can be you and feel free and you can laugh.” 6 year old, Porridge & Play Castlemilk Scroll down to watch the new film! “First week we came they were very shy but now very good. We all really enjoy this. I have met new friends, our language is better because of this” “Like nothing else we do. Great early drama/improvisation. Lots of imagination. Inclusive and child led!” “You won’t be alone here. I’ll be your friend” “Don’t know where we’d be without this. No-ones judging, there’s lots of acceptance, feel like we’re being brought into the community.” We [...]

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The Storyplay Festival 2022


The Storyplay Festival was part of our New Scots Integration Project 2021/22 Click here to find out more about the Cranhill, Castlemilk & Bridgeton Hubs who hosted the festival with us. On Saturday 17th September Licketyspit friends old and new gathered for a day that we will never forget. It was the first ever Licketyspit Storyplay Festival, and what a day it was! It was blue skies all round, and the sun shone down on Dassie Park, Glasgow Green. By 9am the Licketyspit team, with help from brilliant volunteers, were busily getting the park ready. Putting up colourful signposts, spotty tablecloths, Storyplay exhibitions… It was set to be a day full of dance, song, picnicking, crafting and most importantly… PLAY!  By 10.45 the Porridge & Play Hubs started to arrive, Castlemilk, Cranhill and Bridgeton. These groups were here to help host the festival with us and each had a designated area with an exhibition displaying their Storyplay adventures over the past year. At 11.30 everyone had arrived, and we were ready to begin. Virginia, Ruby and our Licketyspit Ambassador, Zainab Adeleye welcomed everyone to the festival and warmed us all up with a great big Grandma Grandma! Then one by one the Lickety hubs stood up on the stage and presented their group! The Castlemilk Hub told us how they like to play! [...]

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A Big Play Party!


Find all of Porridge & Play Bridgeton's adventures here! Blog posts are written by André! Block 3 Week 4 Porridge & Play Bridgeton Friday 26th August Hello and welcome to the Licketyspit Bridgeton Celebration blog! We had so much fun at the Calton Heritage & Learning Centre playing all kinds of games and rhymes, including 4 of our very *new games*. How fantastic! Everyone was so considerate of each other during all the games and it really felt like a family party with lots of sharing, lots of energy and lots of integration between families and guests! We were had Ross the filmmaker and Eoin the photographer for our big celebration, as well as Ammar the interpreter, and later this year you'll be able to watch the film about the project. Alan led the Funky Chicken brilliantly, thoughtfully and inclusively choosing people to go next. Lexi did the Funky Pig today for the first time ever. Leeanne said she does it all the time at home, but today was the first time she did with all of us! Kho Kho, shared by Tarika, Tanishk & Ridhi, was brilliant! We absolutely loved playing this game with all the families eagerly waiting for who had the paper hidden behind them, and cheering each other on. William explained Chaos Tag really well, and we had so much fun [...]

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Presenting our FAVOURITE GAMES!!


Porridge & Play Bridgeton is back! Find out what the Bridgeton group get up to in their Porridge & Play Hub adventures each week! Block 3 is all about YOU! We are getting ready to make our AllScot Playcards which will be inspired by all your games and stories. The AllScot Playcards will be on display at our Storyplay Festival which will be happening on Saturday 17th September! Find all of Porridge & Play Bridgeton's adventures here! Blog posts are written by André! Block 3 Week 4 Porridge & Play Bridgeton Tuesday 9th August Porridge & Play Bridgeton presents their FAVOURITE GAMES!!! Street Catch – By Leeanne, Lexi & William Kho Kho – by Tarika, Tanishk & Ridhi The Hopping Game- by Niamate & Afara 5 Little Ducks – Sang beautifully by Zania Chaos Tag – By Ayhann & William The chicken, the crocodile & the soup – A Porridge & Play Bridgeton Original!!  Learn how to play these games and more on our new ALLSCOT PLAYCARDS coming soon!!!  ‘Coming to Porridge & Play is a bit like a rollercoaster and it makes me feel really really excited!’ – Alan, 5 What a week at Porridge & Play Bridgeton! We all came together to work on our exciting ALLSCOT Playcards which will be launching at our Storyplay Festival on Saturday 17th September! We are so excited to [...]

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