An Afternoon at the Bridgeton Forest

Porridge & Play Bridgeton

Find out what the Bridgeton group got up to in their latest Storyplay adventure! 

Week 3

Friday 19th May

We had a lovely Friday afternoon with our Bridgeton pals at Porridge & Play!

Everyone was very smiley and looking forward to getting their weekend started and there was a very jolly atmosphere at the church!

Our circle is really quite big as there are so many of us up for a good time.

We love starting with a good boogie

The grown ups are always ready for any fantastic shapes the children may throw at them!

Alan and Shae are fast with their footwork but Moira, Niamat, Colleen or Arafa have no problem keeping up with that!

Make Yourself as Big As A Bear!!

The littlest ones like Maab and Emilia know every word to our favourite warm up and Mohammed really loves swooping and gliding like the Bird.

This Friday we had some very funky moves playing Funky Chicken…

Alan gave us a Wriggly snake 

Holly a Naughty elephant  

Zainah a Big pig 

Sulman a Fast pig

Rayna a Fire breathing dragon

And Mariam a Barking dog

Cami told us about her friend Fred who has Jelly on His Head

And then we made ourselves into wonderful trees that turn into funny monsters in the Bridgeton Forest…

Did you know that there are Grannies who live in the forest? 

Granny Zainah lives in a tree with one room and she eats cereal for breakfast!

Grannies Rayna, Mariam, and Malek live together in the forest and they live on a rainbow!

Grannies Alan, Shae, and Holly live under a bridge!

This week Steven made delicious carrot and coriander soup and we were joined by our new volunteer Simona!

We finished up singing Grandma Grandma really loudly!

Wriggle wriggle wriggle wriggle, wriggle like a fool!

Taz, Cami, Steven, Simona and the Bridgeton Porridge pals!

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