A flight to the Seaside and a very cool Beach Party

Porridge & Play Bridgeton

Find out what the Bridgeton group got up to in their latest Storyplay adventure! 

Week 4

Friday 26th May

The weather has been so much warmer this week and the Bridgeton pals have been noticing it!

It felt like Friday afternoon was the perfect time to gather together with our friends and go for a lovely refreshing flight on our Flying Balloons to look for a nice beach!

Ready and…BLOW!

The sea was green and blue and the water was at a perfect temperature! We relaxed in the calm sea and discussed the different creatures we might find, like sharks or even orca whales. 

And then a notion…what about an underwater exploration?

Three, two, one, TAKE A BIG BREATH!

We swam like seahorses and ran around like crabs. We found keys that opened all opened a big treasure chest!

ICE CREAM! ICCE CREAM! Come and get yours!

This Ice Cream maker was something else. You could ask for any flavour and she would just make it for you there and then!

We had fantastic flavours like sausage, mustard, sprinkles, strawberry, vanilla, popcorn soda and raspberry.

Hey you lot seem like a really cool bunch! Wanna come to our Dressing Up Beach Party?

Guess what we said? Yes please!

The Bridgeton pals are experts at dressing up and oh they can dance!

We had the grooviest moves and we all throw incredible shapes and everyone was laughing and cheering each other on! It truly was the best day out at the beach.

See you next week!

Taz, Cami, Steven & The Bridgeton Pals

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