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Friday 2nd June

Well would you believe it, this block of Porridge & Play has come to an end. It just feels like yesterday we were rocking up to St Francis in the East and introducing our new Actor-Pedagogue Steven to our friends in Bridgeton.

He’s definitely part of the family now, in fact last Friday’s session just felt like a bunch of pals getting together for a family party.

We were joined by…

  • The lazy frog
  • The delicious banana
  • Moira’s Singing Cow
  • Holly’s Funky Butterfly
  • Zainah’s loud horse
  • Abaker’s first Monkey!
  • and the Slithering and Fast Snake!

We danced around as everyone arrived, dressed up as explorers and took off in the Magic Ball!

We arrived in a very windy place. Zainah had some kites which we were really enjoying flying when suddenly there was a tornado!! Whoosh we tried to avoid it but off we went! We landed beside a very important chef in need of a very important recipe.

Luckily we were up to the task, helping the chef make the most delicious of cakes using

Strawberry icing sugar, Strawberry, Milk, Chocolate, Rainbow sprinkles, Tuna, Blueberries, Banana, Eggs & Flour!

Yum! That got our appetite going so we were thrilled to get back to Bridgeton in time for the celebration feast!

Baneen made delicious cheesy bolognaise pasta which was still piping hot after our play session. Samia made a tasty chicken and potato dish which was a great addition to the spread. Then after our main course it was time for Arafa, Niamat & Zahra’s deeeelicious cakes and donuts!

What a treat. Thank you all and thanks for playing with us these last few weeks.

We’ll be back on Thursday 13th July for our Picnic & Play trip to the beach!

Until then, keep playing!

Taz, Cami, Steven, Simona & Ruby

Thanks for coming!

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