Ickerickeroo and a Volcano!

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Find out what the Bridgeton group get up to in their Porridge & Play Hub adventures each week! Porridge & Play is running throughout 2022 with this six week block being the first of many great tales!

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Week 5 of Bridgeton Porridge & Play

Friday 22nd April

Hello and welcome back to Bridgeton Porridge & Play! It was lovely to see you again and we loved hearing about what you got up to whilst we had our break!

We loved hearing from Leeanne about their family bringing our Licketyspit Playcards to their Gran’s! With Lexi making sure to let her Granny know how to play the games. Saba told us she and her children missed the session and we missed them too! Colleen said they played our games when they were away on holiday!

Getting to play outside with our Licketyspit families was so much fun in the sun. We got to play a some of our favourite games like Big As A Bear, Funky Chicken, Ickerickeroo and a new one – Magic Ball. We met funky animals like Nicola’s Slimy Snake, Rayna’s Running Zebra, Colleen’s Big Cat, Mohammed’s Firey Dragon, Alan’s Scary lion, Zaina’s Orange Fox and Moira’s Singing Cow!

We had a whole Licketyspit Zoo!

Effie then started to talk about the body parts and everyone knew exactly what she was talking about, remembering the words from Ickerickeroo, which everyone sang so beautifully. What a hoot we had. Then suddenly, the Magic Ball appeared out of nowhere and we just had to go on an adventure!

We arrived at Bath island and went straight into a giant bath, but we started drowning so Mahammed had an aeroplane we could use to fly away! Then Rayna saw that we were all frozen in mid-air so we had to thaw our way out.

Thaw means when something frozen (like ice or snow) becomes a liquid or soft again.

Once we were free, Alan was there to help us to safety! He had some trusty parachutes right in his pocket! We put on our parachutes and floated to the beach.

To our surprise, the beach was coved in snow. So we had a snowball fight and made a snowman! Then Nicola built a campfire and we all toasted marshmallows together. They tasted like strawberries. We had so much fun that we eventually got exhausted and went to sleep…

But a monster woke us up!

We were fortunate that Rayna could speak monster, and we found out that this monster was very hungry. Lexi gave her some food and Zaina helped gather other things she would need, and eventually, the monster returned home.

Then Alan found a rocket with his name on the side and asked us all to come to space with him. We blasted off and landed on Jupiter. We just had to explore the planet, once we got our space suits on. Lexi then found lava on the floor! The Magic Ball was floating on the top of a Volcano!

We used a rocky platform that was on top of the lava volcano to get to the Magic Ball and then went back to the Church house.

What an adventure we had! We managed to pack so much adventure into one day with the Magic Ball, letting our imaginations run wild together! Everyone decided where we went, what we saw and what we did, meeting special characters alone the way!

We loved seeing everyone and can’t wait to celebrate the end of the block and all the new friendships we have made. See you all on Friday!

Blog by André and the Bridgeton Hub!

What we loved about week 5…

‘Winter, sun, the boat, small tiny snowballs  and her favourite part was Funky Chicken!’ 


Jupiter. the Magic Ball, small tiny snowball and his favourite game was Magic Ball and he really enjoyed in his rocket ship.’


‘The beach, sand, water and the sun he liked visiting and playing! Magic ball it was his favourite game!’


‘Shark boy and Lava girl and pink flames. Her favourite game was the Magic Ball.’


The Licketyspit Art Gallery!

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