St Martha’s P4/3 Session 1

Tuesday 3rd March 2020

Today we had our first STORYPLAY session with an excitable and wonderfully creative P4/3 class at St Martha’s! What a session Ruby and Jack had with the group!

We met some of the Funky Chicken’s newest friends. Desire introduced us to the Funky Giraffe and Myia said hello to the Funny Swan who had a great dance to go with it! I think there were lots of animals we could have thought of and we look forward to hearing more next week…

Our Flying Balloons took us high above Glasgow and the world where we saw Brian’s Dad painting all the walls in his house! We saw the Statue of Liberty and Kalieb managed to see a football stadium at exactly the right time for someone to score a goaaaaalllllllll! Yes!

We met GrandmaGrandma sick in bed, and then we met a few other Grandma’s who told us all about where they live. Grandma Alexis‘s Rainbow castle and Grandma Ciaran’s  homegrown tomatoes in his beautiful garden down by the forest! I think we saw some of the most creative trees we’ve ever seen…

Our Magic Ball took us around the world, and we landed in Jamaica…

The heat and the sun were too much for us to handle and we searched far and wide for some shade to protect us from the beaming sun! Thankfully there was a lovely beach and we took a swim in the turquoise sea. Suddenly a Great White Shark appeared, and we all pretended to be seaweed as the shark passed us by! As the shark left, Captain Jack Sparrow shouted at us from the beach! We pleaded with him and his three assistant and his dog to climb aboard his ship, luckily, we were allowed,but under one condition, we scrubbed his deck! Their deck was shiny by the time we were finished! Unfortunately Ruby and Hamzan were sent to ‘swim with the fishes’ as they walked the plank! 1.2.3. splash! Luckily Hamzan found a jet and powered back to shore. The rest of the crew took a swim and we managed to get back to the magic ball!

What a brilliant afternoon we had together, and we can’t wait for next session together!

Remember, all we need to play is each other. Our imaginations have no limits!

We had a wonderful Lickety Art Gallery!

Full of detailed comments and drawings inspired by our imaginary play. You can see all the drawings in a P4/3 album on our Facebook page. Click here to see it!

Some of the children’s words are below – they had lots to say about their first Playcard Play experience 🙂

That’s the magic ball, it’s a yellow. (Where else would you go?) I would go to Syria because I’ve got family there, but we had to leave. It made me feel warmed up playing these games.


The funny swan, that’s my second favourite and that’s me as a Christmas tree at that was my favourite and that’s me dressed up and I’m being a tree, it was fun today!


That’s grannies’ mansion and she’s got a safe filled with gold!


A dinosaur’s portal! You could go anywhere in my country! That’s a ship and that’s me and Farhad. That’s a huge man and that’s the trees, and they’re the monster’s tree – the monster trees were my favourite! It made me feel good!


That’s me with some ice cream! R: was that when we were on the beach! And that’s an orange big giraffe and that’s a dog! It made me feel fun today


I’m flying in my balloon wearing a black costume! I’m saying ahhhh! Because I’m flying in the
sky! That’s the game down below! That’s the monster tree!


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