St Martha’s P4/3 Session 2

Tuesday 10th March 2020

We had our second STORYPLAY session with the creative and energetic P4/3 class at St Martha’s on Tuesday, which was our first session with Mrs McAuley!

The class were buzzing with new animal creations in the Funky Chicken! Arran showed us his Crazy Turtle! Ciaran told us about the Nosey Dog who had a great sense of smell… Sniff Sniff Sniff and Feras delighted us all with his Silly Chicken Donkey which was a Funky Chicken first! Keep an eye out for all your Funky Chicken drawings in the next few weeks…

Ruby reminded us all about what our body parts are called in the Ickerickeroo! We have our Brain Boxer and our Eee-Peepers. What were the other body parts we learned on Tuesday? Can you remember?

We introduced the class to Witches Fingers, and this was very popular! We met Witch Desire who had a very scary witchy cackle and we also met Witch Mrs McAuley who was very popular with the class! Our game of Witches Fingers opened up our creative imaginations and we all dressed up in our best Witchy costumes!

Witch Ruby then welcome us all to the 2020 Witch Convention!

Witch Ciaran jumped into a cauldron and his potion allowed him to travel all over the world! Witch Mohammad showed off his teleportation skills and Witch Myia flew over the sea from New York! Witch Jamie renamed himself ‘Witch Darkness’ which terrified us all! He assured us he was a good witch though! Witch Eric travelled to the convention from deep deep deep below in the Earth’s Core and Witch Alexi came from London and lived in a cottage with her Witchy Mum!

We absolutely loved our Witch Convention and we can’t wait to see more of our Witch creations next time!

Remember, all we need to play is each other. Our imaginations have no limits!

We had a wonderful Lickety Art Gallery!

Full of detailed comments and drawings inspired by the 2020 St Martha’s Witches Convention! You can see all the drawings in a P4/3 album on our Facebook page. Click here to see it!

Some of the children’s words are below – they had lots to say about their first Playcard Play experience 🙂

That’s me dressed up as a Witch! I’m making a potion there and those different colours are what’s coming out of my cauldron. My potion means I can fly and fly away from the evil witch!

My favourite game today was the Witches Game because it’s fun when we’re all waiting for the word Poison!


Today I drew Feras with his yellow witches dress! These are two potions, and together they make you disappear! My witch is wearing a yellow dress with a yellow hat and my Witch is from New York!


I drew me wearing a cave suit and a hat! That’s Jack crawling around on the floor as well! I really enjoyed the witches game because I loved the running around part, that was really fun!


My favourite part of today was when I was the Witch in Witches Fingers! I also really love singing the Grandma Grandma song as well! That’s one of my favourite bits!


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