LicketyLeap at St Mary’s – Group 1

11th & 17th September 2019

We had a brilliant first session of LicketyLeap with group one (P1a). 8 children joined Margaret and Margaret on their adventure through the Bog, over the Sea, into the Cave and up the Mountain!

The were very engaged and chatty from the start, with every child giving appropriate answers about what M & M were doing in the postcards. The children helped get Worried Margaret into the Bog and loved finding the boggy blooms. E and J helped pull her out when she got stuck!

H suggested we go over and help the Fishy Lady on her boat and everyone caught some fish – C’s was red and green and tasted like cucumber and strawberry! On the shore, they saw giraffes, spiders, monkeys, elephants and C even saw a woodpecker in the trees! S was especially concerned about Worried Margaret when she fell off the cliff, but then T and E asked the Bird if we could ride on its back to the top of the mountain.

In Session 2, we revisited the story and everyone remembered it brilliantly. We also talked about our Heart’s Desires:

H – Play with My little ponies
T – Make a play of Margaret and Margaret, Happy Birthday
O – Be with Mum, Birthday
C – Riding a dolphin
V – Play with my brother
J – pencils to do drawing
S – Fly on top of a dragon
E – Go to the beach

We were thrilled to be joined by 7 parents and carers to watch the film. If you couldn’t make it and would like to see the film, please get in touch with the school to arrange a viewing.

‘‘He started playing by himself, less watching TV‘‘ (Mum)

‘‘Before she is more shy. Now I saw she can talk and is more confident than before. ‘‘ (Mum)

‘‘He is very excited about playing, singing and drawing. He is doing much better playing with other children. He is better to express himself and listen to others. ‘‘ (Mum)