LicketyLeap at St Mary’s – Group 2

11th & 17th September 2019

We had a fantastic LicketyLeap with 9 children in group 2 (P1b). Every child contributed in the conversation at the start, C was especially chatty! After our mudfight, M suggested we go into the Sea to wash it off. In the Sea, L showed Worried Margaret how to swim on her back and R saw a boat. Everyone loved finding and sharing treasure.

On the boat, everyone relished trying each other’s fish and M gave the Fishy Lady a hug goodbye. In the Cave we saw bats, and everyone boldly shouted their name to make an echo. When the Bear appeared, a couple of people were a bit nervous, but they overcame any fears and patted and hugged it! S articulately told Bold Margaret about the Bear. L asked the Bird for a lift and after we reached the top of the Mountain, other L suggested sliding down.

In Session 2, we revisited the story and everyone remembered it brilliantly. We also talked about our Heart’s Desires:

S – Swimming in the sea
L – Go to the beach
R – Find a unicorn
L – Find a puppy
C – Playing cousin’s xbox and a hamster
M – Have a bunny and play with him in my home and go to the beach
L – A unicorn
L – Go to the mountain

It was fantastic to welcome 14 parents and carers to watch the film! If you couldn’t make it and would like to see the film, please get in touch with the school to arrange a viewing.

‘‘The imagination coming across was brilliant. Really happy with his outcome.‘‘ (Mum)

‘‘Wonderful and great experience for the children. Sam is narrating more of what he is doing whilst he plays.‘‘ (Mum)

‘‘It was good to be here. It’s absolutely perfect way for her to improve her English. Having a longer programme of sessions would be great for her development. ‘‘ (Dad)