LicketyLeap at St Mary’s – Group 4

12th & 18th September 2019
St Marys Storyplay

We had a lovely LicketyLeap with 9 children from Group 4 (P1a & P1b) and Miss Carty. They were particularly tickled by the Margaret & Margaret Peekaboo entrance. They loved the Oogly Boogly Lady’s mini-worlds and were all actively involved.

The children independently found lots of things under the Sea. On the Boat we had a lovely sleep – suggested by one of the children! On the Shore we saw crabs, seahorses and everyone was so focused on the burrow when the rabbits came out. T – “My bunny kissed me!” They loved finding their hats. L told Bold Margaret about the Bear and was very chatty.

“He was scary and then scared!”

T was the first confidently in their to pat the Bear.

M asked the Bird for a lift up the mountain and M and F both enjoyed the fact that they “spoke Bird”. A huge group of nearly all the children helped Bold Margaret jump to the Top. At the end, L explained what had happened to Worried Margaret exactly – “She was worried then she was brave!”

“[I drew] the wind, the grass, the sky, the balloon, the snow all come down and the big rainfall and the river. At the end was my best bit.”
Child, Reflective Drawing

In Session 2, we revisited the story and everyone remembered it brilliantly. We also talked about our Heart’s Desires and J and N supported T to think about what she could do in the park which was a great moment of cooperation and solidarity. We were thrilled to be joined by 8 parents and carers to watch the film. If you couldn’t make it and would like to see the film, please get in touch with the school to arrange a viewing.

“I’m a nice bear” N

“This is the most J’s talked since he’s been in the school.” Teacher

Hearts Desires

Y – To go to the house and stay there and play with my brother.
J – Go to the park with friends. Play on the slide!
L – Flying in the sky
F – To love my mummy all to myself
N – to fly in the sky
M – to be a mushroom! Cause I like mushroom!
A – To be a mermaid
T – to be a mermaid and to go to the park with friends and play on the seesaw

Parent Feedback

‘‘Amazing performance of our little one, thanks for all great work done guys!‘‘ (Dad)

‘‘She is using more her imagination.‘‘ (Dad)

‘‘Follows instructions and listens with a lot less prom.‘‘ (Mum)