LicketyLeap at St Mary’s – Group 5

13th & 19th September 2019

The final LicketyLeap group (P1a) was the biggest yet (10 children) and you could tell there was already a buzz about Margaret and Margaret in the classroom! By the time we were with the Oogly Boogly Lady everyone had bought into the story, with M saying “She’s gone into the mountain!” when Bold Margaret disappeared.

They all told the Fishy Lady the colour of the fish they had caught on the Boat and K saw a rainbow bird in the trees on the Shore. J, D and K went to hide in the Cave and everyone called their name to make an echo. K suggested we pat the Bear and J suggested we could say sorry. M led the rest in patting and feeding the bear.

They loved the Bird and M asked it if we could get a lift to the top of the Mountain. S stroked the Bird’s face. P, S and T all helped Worried Market jump across!

“That was the fish Margaret and that was the other fish Margaret and then they ate the fish. And there’s the rollerskates. Hands. I liked it when they were sliding down the hill. I was on the bird and I was literally flying and then I jumped off it. I wasn’t scared I jumped off and parachuted!” Child, Reflective Drawing

In Session 2, we revisited the story and everyone remembered it brilliantly. We also talked about our Heart’s Desires:

P – Go to the beach
A – Go to the park with my mum and dad. Play on the chute
M – Go in the water pool myself
J – Go in a swimming pool and go down a chute all the way up into the sky
T – Go to a giant water park with my daddy and my brother Calvin
K – Go to a water park with my mummy and daddy
S – Dress up like a princess
M – Going up and down on a flume
D – Jumping high up and down with jumping socks

We had the highest family attendance ever in Session 2! 18 parents/carers and family members came to watch the film! If you couldn’t make it and would like to see the film, please get in touch with the school to arrange a viewing.

“He was looking for the cave when he went home” Dad

‘‘This is the first time A’s been confident to act out and get involved in front of her family‘‘ (Parent)

‘‘Very good to see J taking part‘‘ (Mum)

‘‘He will be a lot more confident‘‘ (Mum)