Deep in the Forest of Cranhill…

Porridge & Play Cranhill

Find out what the Cranhill  group got up to in their latest Storyplay adventure! 

Week 3 of Porridge & Play Cranhill 2023

Thursday 18th May

Glorious Grannies!

Grandma Tippy Tippy Shaylin loves reindeer and the animals in the forest.

She feeds the animals carrots that she grows herself.

Grandma Amelia lives in a pink house made out of wood.

She makes pancakes with syrup for breakfast.

Miss Granny Smith grows granny smith apples and she puts sweet decorations on her apples – sparkles that you can eat!

Her house is made of brick and has a big maple roof.

The door is rainbow and the windows are plain black. She has a full farm. She’s got a shed full of cows and foxes and sheep and horses. She feeds her trees apples, cherries, strawberries, and tomatoes! Yes, feeds them!

And Grandma Young has a house with clouds for a roof! It has blue doors and rainbow grass.

She grows fruit in her garden – her favourite are strawberries!

All these glorious Grannies have funny looking trees that when the Grannies are busy turn into naughty monsters!

They slowly creep around trying to give the Grannies a wee fright and everyone has wonderful fun.

In another part of the forest live the Wee Witches!

Their fingers are long and witchy and they love to play chasing games…

‘I’m going to drink…a bottle of…’

And do you know another thing? All our pals love a good dance in the Forest of Cranhill too!

See you all next week!

Sarah, Taz, Steven & Kayla

The Licketyspit Art Gallery!

What you said:

‘Its me on my broomstick when I was a witch’

Artist Kayla

 ‘So that’s the ocean with a rainbow and then there’s clouds and there’s a mummy. A nice and scary mummy. It’s a mum that’s wrapped up in toilet roll.’ 

Artist Ellie

 ‘That’s the scary witch and her finger.’ 

Artist Prisca

‘This is a rocket that’s running away from the monsters. That’s the trees that turn into the zombies.’ Inside the rocket are the grannies. ‘That’s me when I’m granny gonna live on Mars’

Artist Brogan

‘I drawed the trees and the granny. The scary trees and the granny. That’s me and you and we’re going to the house and the trees are coming.’ 

Artist Shiva

‘It’s a rainbow. It’s green, pink with blue, orange, red, green.’ On the back ‘A garage’.

Artist Jack

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