Miltonbank P7/6 – Session 1

Monday 2nd March 2020

On Monday afternoon we welcomed the P7/6s to their first STORYPLAY session with us!

Virginia told the class all about the importance of play and how beneficial it is to let yourself go and throw yourself into the session and we certainly had that from this class.  

We all made ourselves as thin as a pin and as strong as a giant and we felt suitably warmed up for the session.  

Sean introduced us to the Mad Dog in the Funky Chicken and Ahmed brilliantly showed us his Crunching Aligator – we look forward to hearing more animal suggestions in our next session… 

We flew high above Glasgow in Flying Balloons and managed to fly in and then out of Area 51 before we alerted the authorities, we managed to grab a drink in Irn Bru land and then we flew high above Pakistan. What a trip we went on, travelling all over the world!

We sang Grandma Grandma and we met some more Grannies in Monsters Footsteps! This was a very popular game with this group and following some excellent dressing up we weren’t disappointed! We had some stylish businessmen – Liam, Joel, Ahmed and looked very sharp, some unique hat wearing from Wiktor and Callum and a brilliant Alien monster from Kerrie!  

We are excited for our next session with the P7/6s and we’re especially looking forward to more fantastic dressing up!  

You can find out more about the Lickety Playcards and how they support learning and health and wellbeing here.

We had a great Lickety Art Gallery!

You can read some of the children’s words below and see all the drawings in a P7. album on our Facebook page. Click here to see it!

I liked how everyone chose their imagination and everyone chose what they wanted to look like or make a jumper a hat or something. Whatever comes to mind.

P7 Child

And they are like just believe in what you want to be or become anything which is good.

P7 Child

This is a castle and a mermaid under the water, those are all sea shells on the ocean floor, I wrote the ‘ocean waves there’ ‘we saw the ocean and Paris and the mermaids were singing beautiful songs!

P7 Child, Reflective Drawing

I saw dolphins, fish, turtles, the ocean looked so clean, there was no plastic, or pollution.

P7 Child, Reflective Drawing

I made a rap! The rap: It’s granny Tupac on the mic, when I saw these trees, I turned around and I stopped!

P7 Child

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