Picnic & Play at the CCH

9th Feb 2020

We had a very friendly, relaxed Picnic & Play at the CCH with 42 people (14 families) on Sunday, to mark #ChildrensMentalHealthWeek.

Newcomers to Lickety Play took to the session brilliantly and everyone was very supportive and warm towards one another. It was also great to see some families from St Mary’s Storyplay, and from our sessions with the Scottish Refugee Council.

Highlights included the focused concentration of Witches Fingers, the confident animals from across the room in Funky Chicken, and of course, the wonderful Dressing Up! Scenes from Flying Balloons appeared in many of the Reflective Drawings – including sharks, Saturn, elephants and Darshan’s Dad’s Red Castle!

Thank you all for joining us for our first Picnic & Play of 2020, where we we saw the innate kindness, generosity and creativity of our communities in action, with everyone participating and lots of smiles.

Children’s Feedback

Everyone was taking part and we all had a lot of fun. Today was so much fun. I will definitely come
again! (10 year-old)

Shidvik – that’s an elephant with me and my sis on top. I see the balloon high flying. I would like to fly to
Scotland! I liked having my sister to play with. And in my other drawing I have a funky chicken and a
flower and a lion! (4 year-old)

It’s me flying in space with my balloon. I liked dressing up in different outfits. (10 year-old)

Parent/carers’ Feedback

“The session was really good and imaginative play for the kids both my kids enjoyed a lot and yummy tummy thank you” Mum

“It is the best event. Thank you.” Mum

“This is the forest from Witches, the shark and the jellyfish I saw in the balloon game and the naughty seagull! I liked watching children play and joining in with them!” Mum

“Was genuinely so happy about being involved. Selection of snacks so so healthy and the soup really great. The games are very good for imagination and the exercise” Dad

“We really liked the witches game because you have to really concentrate on each word, when they come before poison!” Mum