Picnic & Play at the Dream Machine

29th Feb 2020

We had an incredibly busy Picnic & Play at the Dream Machine with 58 people!* However, it was wonderful to introduce so many new families to Lickety Play and have so many people from different backgrounds (over 5 different languages!) meeting and playing confidently and enthusiastically together.

In Funky Chicken we met the Quacking Duck Duck, the Cheeky Cheetah,  the Meowing Cat and the Cheaty Minecraft!

We saw princesses in towers, purple boats, football stadiums, cars, friends going to college and in the garden from our Flying Balloons and met Granny Ann and Granny Conor, Granny Harley, Granny Maddison and Granny Mohamed in their tree-houses, mansions and houses in the forest of Monster Trees!

Hello My Name is Joe was excellent, with lots of laughter!

All the food went down well, and we even managed to share a small plate of leftover fruit with The Space’s cafe team and visitors.

We know some people were a little disappointed not to go into the Dream room itself on Saturday. Unfortunately because of a shortage of staff at the venue, that wasn’t possible this time, but there are lots of other free & pay what you can activities on at the Dream Machine!

Do go and discover it another day and tell us what you think! Visit their website here or find them on Facebook here.

*(Admittedly the room was a bit small for all 16 families and 3 actor pedagogues – we’ll make sure we have a smaller group here next time!)

Parent/carers’ Feedback

“Having fun and being in different places and get to know people we have never met. It was completely funny. We loved it. ” Dad

“I think their shyness will go with time. The best thing is to meet with other families and enjoy.” Mum

“Gets the kids to interact. Our favourite game was the Balloon game.” Gran

“Thanks for inviting in this event. So many people and children meet each other.” Mum

“We really liked the witches game because you have to really concentrate on each word, when they come before poison!” Mum

“It is great to see how diverse and inclusive the session is. We have very recently moved back to Glasgow and that’s nice to meet local families. She has just made some new friends and that’s great!”

“Very good place to play and games” Dad

Children’s Feedback

“It is good to meet other friends, play different games. I’ve never been before and it was very nice.” 12 year old

“I think it’s fun, great. It makes you happy and it’s a great way to get out.” 10 year old

“Drawing is best!” 5 year old

“Everything was very good and fun thank you.” 10 year old

“I’ve drawn my loveheart balloon and I can see the trees and the stars” 8 year old

“My batman balloon. The naughty seagull flying towards it and a dinosaur planet!” 7 year old