St Martha’s P1 Session 3

Tuesday 10th March 2020

In our third session with Primary One we all created Funky Chicken Animals and got a ride on a Dragon’s back to a nearby lake where we went for a swim!

We met the Running Zebra,  Nice Tiger, Happy Cat, Silly Giraffe, Friendly Shark and so many other animals – everyone created one!

We flew off in our balloons – with suggestions we might see the beach, the jungle, aliens, cats…..! Mrs Reid saw the river and we saw some of our families and pets. Then a dragon flew over and let us climb on his back and we flew to the shores of a lake by a beach. It was an island covered in white flowers! Harry saw some ducks living on the island, Harlow saw crabs. Everyone swam in the lake and we found a statue and a rainbow treasure chest. Darceigh found the key! There were sharks too – eek! We all ate macaroni cheese, ice cream and juice handed out by different children.  Then we made the silk back into a dragon and flew back to school.

We dressed up as aliens and astronauts and then turned on all the buttons in the button factory in Hello My Name is Joe.

And then we made a delicious cake in Let’s Bake a Cake. Full of strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, ice-cream and chocolate!

Primary One’s ideas and confidence has grown and grown over the last 3 weeks and we hope parents and carers will be able to come to see their characters, stories and rich imaginations at the Celebration Assembly on Tuesday March 24th at 9.15am.

The children had even more to say in the Art Gallery this week!

Remember, you can see all the drawings in a new P1 album on our Facebook page. Click here to see it!

A snowman, a house on fire with the dragon family inside. A waterfall. A baby dragon. Fave – swimming, found a shark we had to get out it would eat us! I was an alien.


I drew a dragon, he is a good dragon, and a sad alien. He is sad because there was no space on the dragons back. There’s a storm and the dragon will fly away. Everyone is on the dragons back.


Witches fingers. Me. A scared witch. I would wear a hat if she was a witch. Favourite thing was witches fingers. Other side – everyone dressed up!


Me hiding behind the cake! There’s sprinkles. Rainbow golden sprinkles. I’m trying to find treasure in the cake. Wrote – I am happy I see a cake. Dressed up as an alien.


I drew a shark. A waterfall and the astronaut. He’s taking off, he is happy, he found the waterfall. He didn’t swim in the lake because there was a shark. He’s off to space, he’ll find another planet. I felt good.


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