St Martha’s P2 Session 2

Tuesday 3rd March 2020

We had a fantastic second session with P2 at St Martha’s today!

After our fantastic warm up we met the Funky Chicken and Eldana introduced us to the Angry Cat, with Kristian we met the Roaring Dragon, Shapina introduced us to the Happy Unicorn and Brayden showed us all the Rainbow Zebra.

We went flying in our balloons and then we learnt some new names for parts of our body the Brain Boxer, Lug Listeners, Chest Wheezer and Knee knockers – can you remember any more?

Then we all dressed up as Pirates and met Captain Motaz, Captain Maisie, Captain Miss Gregory and Captain Kara who made sure we scrubbed the deck, and climbed the rigging!

Finally we finished with an adventure in the magic ball…

We headed off to Spain but it was so hot we needed sunscreen, and sun hats and sun glasses. Dora led us to the shade of a great big tent made of leaves. We ate pizza, and ice-cream then had orange and blackcurrant juice. Then we felt cool enough to explore again, we found some lovely sand – it was an Oasis! We laid down and listened to the sound of water and to the animals all around us. Daisy heard a snake slithering through the sand and then we all heard a big bird cawing at us to follow him all the way back to the Magic Ball and home to St Martha’s.

Some drawings & quotes from the Licketyspit Art Gallery!

You can see all the children’s Reflective Drawings on our Facebook page here.

This is the belt when I was dressing up and this was the big material and that’s the big magic ball and that’s when we went to Spain and that’s the owl. This is my name tag and I dressed up as my school uniform and this is when we were floating up. I had a rainbow balloon. The Magic Ball was my favourite – I could go to Blackpool next time.


his is the shiny dragon and that is him sining he sings a song from Frozen number 2 it’s my favourite film. The yellow is the light that is around him and it can’t help against predators if something tried to eat him like the roaring bear. I saw the dragon – he follows me everywhere I go. He protects me. That’s kind of weird because dragons eat people. My favourite was all of them I would play them all again. I felt amazing playing those games.


That’s a balloon, that’s me playing the games. I had lots of fun. That’s a loveheart because I loved them. Dressing up was the most fun. I liked playing with my friends.


That’s when I saw the pirate ship there was no-one in there the sharks were going up there to eat them. I saw it when I was holding my balloon, it was a gold one and a bird is going to pop it. That was my favourite. I could go to London. That’s where my dad is. I felt happy playing these games.


It’s the Magic Ball, that’s me in the magic ball, going to America. That’s the Letter to my Love and that’s the unicorn. I saw it when I was in the magic ball. This is me I was happy playing the game. My favourite game was all of them.


That’s the magic ball, that’s everyone in the class. We’re going to the desert. We might see a llama. That was my favourite game because it goes to everywhere. I had fun.


You can see all the children’s Reflective Drawings on our Facebook page here.

We can’t wait to get up to more adventures in the coming weeks!

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