St Martha’s P3/2 Session 2

Tuesday 10th March 2020

Today we had our second Playcard session with P3.2 and it was lots of fun! We met even more animals at the start of our session and everyone had the chance to draw and make up their own animal for The Funky Chicken – there were so many excellent ideas!

In our balloons we flew all the way to Nigera and we saw a volcano and lots of mums nearby baking cakes and making snacks.

We hosted our first Granny Convention where all of the children dressed up as Grannies and introduced themselves to the rest of the room. There were some very interesting characters. Then the Grannies decided they wanted a trip in the Magic Ball!

We arrived somewhere with lots of shops and went into a cafe run by lots of different grannies who all served us lunch. We had pasta, and cake, and icecream and coffee.

Then Kian led us to a lift that took us all the way to America. as we were exploring we had to hide behind a big rock because suddenly there were Tigers, Zebras and a Panther! We started to back away really slowly but then Shay saw a dinosaur! Luckily he was very friendly – he led us on an adventure but we saw a T-Rex and we all decided to turn into rocks to hide from the T-Rex. Thankfully Adanna and Aaron Q could speak ‘dinosaur’ and they found out that he wasn’t really scary at all and had come to lead us back to the magic ball!

We learned more about the Granny characters in the Lickety Art Gallery!

You can see all the drawings in the Week 2 P3/2 album on our Facebook page. Click here to see it!

You can read some of the children’s ideas and comments below.

I’m dressed up as a queen, like a queen Granny and I have wings on and they’re orange and pink and her age is 100 and she’s a really angry granny and she has a magic ball that is red. I don’t know why she’s angry. Nothing makes her happy except maybe leaving her alone. I had fun today, I learnt that I can dress up as a granny. We play games in a circle to have fun and you can look at everyone. I would play more. I felt good.


This is the magic ball and this is Granny and her age is 90 billion and she is a funky granny. She likes dancing and playing Balloons. She plays it by herself. She goes to the volcano, she’s very brave. I liked dressing up. Magic Ball & Balloons were my favourite.


That’s my granny, that’s the scary tree behind her and that’s the magic ball and that’s my favourite game when we were flying in the balloons. I saw a castle. There was Emily in the castle, she was making. I could go to New York with my balloon, i’d go and say hi to the people there. I had fun, I could teach other people the games.


I’ve got the monsters footsteps so i’ve made two monsters and these are all the grannies and i’ve put what they are so one of them is called Fancy Granny and Orange Granny and one of them is called Lovely Granny and then I drew the magic ball and I put the zip in golden. That granny is me – the lovely granny. My favourite game was when we went in the magic ball and when we played monsters footsteps. I like dressing up, I think my family would dress up with me. My favourite was dressing as a granny and the trees. I felt good when I was playing.


I drew the magic ball in pieces because I thought it would be spectacular if I put it into pieces and coloured each one. That’s me, i’m Granny Adanna and i’m 9 trillion years old. Granny Adanna likes to use the magic ball, I want to go to Nigeria. I go and relax there. My favourite part was using the magic ball.


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