Andre’s Turn

Scots Poem & Dance!

In Porridge & Play we’ve been talking about Ceilidhs.

Ceilidh is a Scottish word – in the Gaelic language – which is mostly used now to describe a Dance – with a Scottish band with maybe fiddle and accordion, where people do Scottish country dancing in big groups.

BUT Ceilidhs have happened in Scotland for hundreds of years and the word Ceilidh really just means a get-together or a party! In this video Andre and Michael do a Turn where Michael is reads a poem he wrote in Scots – inspired by a Robert Burns poem called Tae a Moose! – and Andre dances the story of the poem.

We hope you like it!

Over to You!

Maybe you’d like to do a Turn too? If so we’d love to see it and share it with everyone else in the Licketyspit Children & Families Network!  

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