We played a whooping 18 Games!!

Porridge & Play Bridgeton

Porridge & Play Bridgeton is back! Find out what the Bridgeton group get up to in their Porridge & Play Hub adventures each week! Block 3 is all about YOU! We are getting ready to make our AllScot Playcards which will be inspired by all your games and stories. The AllScot Playcards will be on display at our Storyplay Festival which will be happening on Saturday 17th September!

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Block 3 Week 3 Porridge & Play Bridgeton

Tuesday 2nd August

We played a whopping 18 games at Porridge & Play Bridgeton this week! That must be a record!

This block of Porridge & Play is all about exploring the play that everyone brings into Storyplay. Last week we played games our grown-ups used to play and this week, the children of Porridge & Play Bridgeton taught some of their favourite non-Licketyspit games! We are getting to all about you and your family but also what you love to play. This is so we can make the ALLSCOT Playcards that will launch at our Storyplay Festival happening on the 17thSeptember! Check out our Licketyspit Playcards with all our favourite games to see what these would look like!

One of our Playcard games is Flying Balloons! We blew up our Flying Balloons to fly high above Bridgeton and looked around to see what we could see! Moira & Emilia in their Rainbow Flying Balloon high in the sky saw ducks flying beside us, we waved to our duck friends! William saw himself playing Chaos Tag – so we joined him. William said ‘In this game we get to tag everyone and we are all IT and when you are tagged you sit down but when the person who tags you is tagged you stand up again!’ We had so much fun playing and being taught Chaos Tag by William! Everyone being IT is such a fun way to take turns, and we love taking turns at Licketyspit! Chaos Tag meant no one was left out and everyone was in the game and we all know – games are best played when everyone is in the game! We created our own version of Chaos Tag together too! We added as a group that those who were tagged could play Rock, Paper, Scissors to be released back into the fun and chaos of this game!

On a hot day what better way to cool off after such an energetic game than with some ice cream! Of course, we can have ice cream any time in our imaginations but what a treat for our session! We also had a lot of bright fresh fruit that made our table so wonderfully colourful! Yum yum in our tums!

After we’d eaten and refreshed, we played another Licketyspit Playcard favourite Old Roger Is Dead! Alan loved the game so much he told us all about it in his Reflective Drawing, ‘That’s Old Roger, that’s the moon and someone’s on the moon and that’s a balloon! Old Rodger was my favourite game today!’

Zaina taught us a new song! We love songs at Licketyspit, our favourites include Grandma Grandma, Ickerickerooand Jelly On His Head! Zania taught us 5 Little Ducks! all the words and we all sang together, it was great to loudly sing together, ‘Quack, Quack, Quack!’

We loved learning and trying-out all these new games. We think our ALLSCOT Playcards will really show how inclusive, caring and kind Porridge & Play Bridgeton is as well as the variety of fantastic cultures we bring to our sessions and what fun it is all playing together!!

I wonder what fun we will have next time?

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(Sarah, Effie & Virginia & Porridge & Play Bridgeton!)

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Porridge & Play Bridgeton is a New Scots Integration Project by Licketyspit, in collaboration with Church House.

What is happening in Block 3 for Porridge & Play Bridgeton?

After such exciting trips out we are venturing back to our hub this July and August and will be coming together to create our new AllScot Playcards!

These Playcards will already be like the existing Licketyspit ones, but will be created with the games you play and played as children, and new ones we make up together! You’ll be able to see them – and play them –  at our Storyplay Festival on Saturday 17th September!