Picnic & Play at the Tall Ship Glenlee!!

A swashbuckling Pirate Adventure!

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Porridge & Play Hubs is running throughout 2022 with this block being the 2nd of our exciting New Scots Integration Project!
Thank you to everyone who has partnered with us to provide such amazing experiences for our children & families, and to all our Storyplay Champions!

The Tall Ship or The Tall Ship Glenlee, was built in 1896. The former merchant sailing vessel will be 125 years old this year, the last remaining 3-masted Clydebuilt ship still afloat in the UK!

The mission of the Clyde Maritime Trust is to care for the Glenlee and share the history of ships built on the Clyde for the benefit of all to enjoy and learn through its unique maritime heritage. The Tall Ship is based next to the Riverside Museum, which our Porridge & Play Cranhill and Castlemilk Hubs visited – you can read more about that here!

Licketyspit love playing at the Tall Ship! We’ve had lots of fun when we have done other Picnic & Plays there too.

Both the Museum and Ship are completely free to visit and would love to have you come again!

 Picnic & Play at The Tallship Glenlee!

Friday 1st July

‘It’s all of us in a round circle playing Jelly On His Head. Grandma Grandma is my favourite. I know all of it and I play it with my friends.’ – Ayyan

ARRRGGGH this Pirate Crew of Porridge & Play Bridgeton scrubbed the deck of the Tall Ship Glenlee!!!

We had so much fun on our Tall Ship adventure as the Licketyspit Crew! We sang and danced because ‘We are the Pirates bold! We’d don’t give a monkeys if it is cold!’ Like all good Pirate Crews we had to warm up our bodies for the adventures ahead! We made ourselves as BIG AS A BEAR!! With many foxy tails wagging and ready to play.

Hey Crew?! Do you know the Funky Chicken?!

You certainly did! We met loads of animals on our Pirate adventure! From slithering snakes to fierce lions this Pirate Crew knew how to explore lands unknown with lots of fun animal friends! Once on land we just HAD to Dress Up! At Licketyspit we don’t need costumes, we can use anything we have around the house and our imaginations! A pair of tights can become a eyepatch! Or a stripy t-shirt can be a belt! We can’t forget our Pirate hats which can be easily made from a scarf!! Talk about a great looking scallywag crew!

Scallywag means a person, typically a child, who behaves badly but in an amusingly mischievous rather than harmful way; like a rascal.

Funky Chicken Fact:

Pirates did have eye patches. It’s been said that one of the reasons pirates wore eye patches was to help keep one eye adjusted to night vision for seeing below deck.

We were Pirates that did lots of tasks around the ship! From Scrubbing the deck to climbing the rigging to even teleporting Pirates from Pirate Captain Alan! There was just so much to do and see at the Tallship Glenlee! This reminded Pirate Andre about his Pirate Captain friends with strange things on their heads, so we had to sing Jelly On His Head and tell our friend Fred all about our Pirate ways!

After we Dressed Up we knew this crew had to go on a grand adventure! Luckily Pirate Captain William and Pirate Captain Alan had the Magic Ball and we were able to blow it UP and UP and UP!!! Until… we were back in time! We met Pirate Captain Silly Hat, who took us around the ship and showed us all the parts. We liked when we rang the ship’s bell. We went to the back of the ship and looked around the dining room and even the toilet! We tip toed past the sleeping crew, Duaa, Latifa and Malek could hear them snoring! Moira was really good at making sure everyone was together! Yaseen and Saba also helped make sure we left no pirates behind!

Funky Chicken Fact:

Each pirate ship had its own set of rules and code. Almost every pirate ship had their own set of guidelines that all pirates had to agree to. This included how the loot (treasure) would be divided, who had what chores, and what was expected of everyone. Believe it or not, one of the most common rules was no fighting onboard. If two pirates had a disagreement they’d have to wait, and fight on land.

Before we knew it, it was time to head back into the Magic Ball and have our picnic, which was so lovely. We really hope you had a fantastic time with us this block and can’t wait to see your next block when we are creating our AllScot Playcards!!

From everyone at Licketyspit, a big Pirate ARRGGGGGH!

Blog by Andre, Rhianne, Effie, Virginia and the Porridge & Play Bridgeton Pirate Crew!!

The Licketyspit Art Gallery!!!

In Partnership With

Thanks to our Hub partners, funders and Picnic & Play partners!

Porridge & Play Hubs Castlemilk, Cranhill & Bridgeton is a New Scots Integration Project by Licketyspit, in collaboration with the Indigo Group, Cranhill Development Trust & Church House.

For Picnic & Play we have partnered with Castlemilk Park, Tollcross Park, The Hunterian Museum, The Science Centre, Glasgow Green, Glasgow Women’s Library, Forth & Clyde Canal Boat Society, the Riverside Museum, the Tallship, Balloch Castle Country Park and Dream Machine! We’d like to say a big THANK YOU to all our partners for helping us provide such an amazing programme for all our families.

What’s next for Porridge & Play Bridgeton??

There is still plenty more to come for Porridge & Play Bridgeton! After such exciting trips out we are venturing back to our hub and will be coming together to create our new AllScot Playcards! These Playcards will already be like the existing Licketyspit ones but now we will be taking the games you play/played and creating new ones! These will be on display at our Storyplay Festival happening in September!