Porridge & Play Week 2 at Oakgrove Primary!


Find out what the Maryhill Group got up to during our Porridge & Play Session at Oakgrove Primary! Tuesday 7th May 2024 Love letters, Sandwich Island and a big whale! Back again for week 2 of Porridge & Play Maryhill at Oakgrove Primary! We arrived and the sun was shining high in the sky - a sign of good things to come! The families came and we said hello to the faces from last week and hello to some brand new faces as well! After a minute or so, we all played like old friends First, we started with a dancing warm-up. There were lots of amazing moves - it was hard to keep up!! Next, we played ‘I sent a letter to my love’. We all sent letters to our loves but on the way we dropped them! Someone must have picked them up and put them in their pocket… It was - all of US!! Next, we sang Grandma, Grandma which was so much fun that we all decided to dress up like grannies and then Sarah found something wonderful… a Magic Ball!! Sarah said that if we got inside the magic ball, we could go anywhere in the world! So we all got inside, said the magic words and WOOSH! We were taken to a strange, far away place. We had [...]

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Porridge & Play Online Week 2


Welcome to the Big Porridge & Play Online blog where we share our stories and adventures! Porridge & Play Online Week 2!! We had a fabulous Porridge & Play Online session this bank holiday weekend with highlights including a book hunt through the multiverse and ice cream with the Penguin Queen! This week we had a visit from Ruby who was delighted to be invited back into the rich imaginary worlds of Adeelah, Victoria, Gabby, Ope, Fiire, Pemi, Desire, Timi, Nusaibah, Nabilah, Aisha, Khadija, Khadar, Yayhe and Ibrahim! It was wonderful to see everyone responding to each other’s animals in the Funky Chicken. We met lots of hilarious creatures like the Dancing Hippo, the Mischievous Fox, the Falling Chick and the Laughing Crocodile! Even better was when we dressed up and met our own cast of cool characters…✨ ☁️ Magical babysitters who live high in the sky! “We have long arms to reach down & scoop up the babies. We play so many games and we rhyme & sing!” “When I was a little kid I dreamed to be a babysitter! My mum wouldn't let me. But I managed to escape into the forest and I found the child-carers and they took me home” 👸🏿Princess Marigold who lives in a castle by a lake “I live with my friends. We have picnics with cakes, cookies [...]

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Porridge & Play Week 1 at Bridgeton St Francis in the East!


Find out what the Bridgeton Group did during our Porridge & Play Session at St. Francis in the East! Friday 3rd May 2024 We are back in Bridgeton - playing with new and old friends! We had such a lovely time in Bridgeton where we got to see some old friends and play with some new ones! First, we warmed up with Big as a Bear - the energy was amazing! Then we met some funky chickens. Anastasia introduced us to the Big Bear, Leeane showed us the Slithering Snake, William found a Scary Owl! Mohammed helped the Shy Monkey and Arafa met a Scary Donkey! Lin showed us the Buzzing Bee, Sola gave us a Neighing Horse, Mohammed met a Happy Dog and Hanan ran into a Scary Tiger! & many more! Next, we flew up high into the sky in our flying balloons! Our balloons were loads of different colours - blue, green, pink, and rainbow - just to name a few! We flew high above Glasgow and saw some amazing things. We saw a boat without anyone on it!! Well, actually there was a tiny pirate on board sailing by himself. Then we saw a submarine with a big Bride on it! (What a special day for her) Then, we got a bit tired so we flew down for some ice [...]

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Porridge & Play Week 1 at Cranhill Development Trust!


Find out what the Cranhill Group did during our Porridge & Play Session at Cranhill Development Trust! Thursday 2nd May 2024 Big bears and scary witches! What a marvellous time we had on Thursday at Cranhill! The Funky Chicken had lots of new friends! Ryan introduced us all to the Sly Alligator, Daniel showed us the Angler Crab, Genesis found a Bad Eagle and then Beauty met a fabulous Pregnant Elephant! We all flew high up into the air and soared through the sky holding tight to our colourful balloons as we travelled from France, to Spain, then on to Guatemala, Mexico and Pakistan. We saw all the hat sellers with their beautiful tall hats, a mermaid on a skateboard, and a spectacular chocolate castle! We flew down and tried some and it tasted delicious! It was sweet - some bits tasted like vanilla and others like pineapple - and the chocolate in the moat tasted like crocodile paws! As we flew back across Glasgow, we happened upon a great gathering of witches from far and wide which was so much fun! There was Witchy Stella from Glasgow who’d travelled here on a rabbit pirate ship, the scary Vampire Witch who enjoyed cooking Blood Potions, Witch Malificent who lived in the forest and a fascinating Witch with no face, called Witch Ahmad who came [...]

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Porridge & Play Week 1 at Oakgrove Primary!


Find out what the Maryhill Group got up to during our Porridge & Play Session at Oakgrove Primary! Tuesday 30th April 2024 Flying balloons, witchy parades and underwater adventures! It was our first Maryhill Porridge & Play of 2024! We arrived at the wonderful Oakgrove Primary school, who are very kindly letting us play here because the library was too busy. Oakgrove is surrounded by green & trees covered in blossom - like a wee oasis in Maryhill! Jim the Jani got the hall ready for our first session with Licketyspit actor-pedagogues - Sarah, Cami, Steven & Virginia and a wonderful group of families with origins in 7 different countries - Nigeria, Thailand, Poland, Ecuador, China, UK & Pakistan!! We played Funky Chicken & met Arvin's Naughty Snake & and Sobia & Amira's Noisy Parrot to name a few! High in our Balloons we flew over Glasgow spying tiny lego men and forest by the canal before taking off to view America, Australia, Paris and then Egypt where we flew down for a refreshing swim in the River Nile - children and then parents too! Then we dived deep don under the water! It was beautiful! And we met a strange Under-Water Creature who had her own language - luckily Ada & Iris could translate what she said! Then we found treasure! suddenly we were [...]

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Porridge & Play Online is BACK for 2024!!


Welcome to the Big Porridge & Play Online blog where we share our stories and adventures! Welcome back to Porridge & Play Online! A Dancing Giant! A Chocolate Cake! Time Land! Dancing Octopus Squishes! What a brilliant first week back at Big Porridge & Play Online! We had Victoria & Gabby, Esther, Glory & Goodness, Khadar, Yahye & Ibrahim, Ope & Olayinka, Ife, Fire, Pemi & Desire! What a team! We started with a Dancing Warm Up followed by the Funky Chicken where we met… The Scary Tiger! (Victoria) The Funky Tiger! (Fire) The Howling Wolf! (Esther) The Stretchy Leopard! (Khadar) The Dancing Hippo! (Gabby) The Annoying Raccoon! (Ope) … I wonder what a Funky Chicken tea party would look like?! We flew up in Flying Balloons and saw the world. Goodness spotted a train heading for Edinburgh! Yahye saw lots of animals eating food! Gabby saw a Woman Giant dancing while eating cake! This reminded Khadar he’d brought some chocolate cake with him, so we all enjoyed eating it in the sky together, washed down by some coke from Victoria, yum! Then it was granny time! A round of Grandma Grandma expertly led by Khadar, Yahye & Ibrahim followed by dressing up as Magic Grannies…. We met Granny Time (Esther) who lived in Time Land which is huge with lots of Big Ben clock’s! [...]

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Join Our Board


23rd February 2023 Licketyspit is a pioneering children’s rights-based theatre and play organisation, based in Glasgow and a national centre of excellence for Storyplay – a unique approach to children’s rights-based intergenerational engagement through drama-led play. We are seeking new board members to join our highly motivated team –  for more information on what this involves and how to apply download our Licketyspit Board Application Pack. We look forward to hearing from you!   Contact details Licketyspit Theatre Company, Community Central Hall, 292-316 Maryhill Rd, Glasgow G20 7YE T: 0141 237 3067 E: info@licketyspit.com All enquiries please contact artistic director, Virginia Radcliffe on virginia@licketyspit.com. Watch

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A Sea Horse Race is about to start!


Wednesday 15th November 2023 Hello, welcome everybody! Come to play in Whiteinch Library! Porridge & Play is here today! For games and food and friends and cheer - Hooray!! We make ourselves as Big As Bear For a right good old warm up For our bodies, our voices and our ideas And to have a right good laugh! A Naughty Fish and an Evil Spider A Spinning Unicorn, a Meow Meow Cat! The Funky Chicken has many friends And you don’t get funner than that! Dressing up with old clothes Be someone that you’re not Pretend to be an owl a bear, a squirrel, or a frog or a leopard covered in spots! We now are in a forest Where we find there are Wolves! Who howl, awooo awoo awooo! Keep busy and always chat! They tell the time by gorgeous watches!   ‘What’s the time Mr. Wolf?’ the creatures ask, ‘It’s 5 o’clock my creature dears’ It’s nearly DINNER TIME! We find a Magic Ball, We blow to make it big We climb inside And we decide To go for a nice dip! We appear at the seaside We dive into the sea We find a whale that’s sad Because a bunch of crabs took over her crib And made her mad! A Sea Horse Race is about to start. We all want to take part! Get [...]

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A Very Hungry Giant in Witchland!


Wednesday 1st November 2023 We had an incredible time with our Whiteinch Library families at our Spookiest Porridge & Play Whiteinch session yet! And it was great to be joined by some new faces too! To set the tone for a spooky Storyplay adventure Steven read the Wee Witches poem by our very own Virginia! Sitting in our circle we all paused to listen…   “What do you think a witch is like? Does a witch ride a broomstick or ride on a bike? Does a witch wear gold? Or red, or black?.... ..... How would like a witch to be? Is it like her or is it like me.” With that final question we found ourselves thinking… well... the witches could be...like all of us? In fact, we could all be whatever witches we want to be... Let's... DRESS UP AS WITCHES!!! GREAT IDEAA!!!! Super great in fact because at Licketyspit we know that dressing up and getting into character is something we can ALL do, all we need is a bag of old clothes and our imaginations to transform into whatever our Witchy hearts and minds desire!! So, with us all dressed up it was time to meet some new Witchy friends! Woosh round the room into the magic circle we met Witch Bronwyn who lives in the clouds, Witch Amjad who lives on the moon. [...]

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Bubble Bubble, Toil & Trouble


Find out what the Maryhill Group got up to during our SPOOKTAKULAR final session at Woodside Library!  Tuesday 31st October Well!  What a  spooktastic Halloween party we had at Porridge & Play this week!   Woodside Library was host to an array of fabulous and fantastical creatures and witches from far and wide! (And we met a spooky chicken, a very scary cat, a monster rat and a scary wolf!)     Have you ever wondered what a witch is like? What they might wear? How they might travel?     The most marvellous witches arrived at Woodside Library today.     They had journeyed from far and near. They looked STRANGE! and it turned out that they LOVED casting ghastly spells!     First Witch Heather and the Bog Witch led our crew of weird and wonderful spell-makers with ear splitting cackles! Ah ha ha ha! Screeched Witch Heather! Luckily Witch Hermione quickly turned Witch Heather into a frog!     The magnificent Witch Mistieosa had flown all the way from Witchland! It turned out she had a brilliant spell to turn people into broomsticks! So she turned the Bog Witch into a broomstick and Witch Heather jumped on top of it and flew about on her!     Witch Jamal,  tried to turn Brodie into an ant….. but the spell bounced past him and hit Witch Emma instead! Amazing!  [...]

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