Margaret & Magnus at the Museum!

A Storyplay Film

10th January 2022

Film Premiere on Friday 21st January at 4.30pm!

Contact us to register for the live premiere of our very first Margaret & Magnus Film.

We will watch the 15 minute film together on Zoom before meeting Margaret & Magnus for a Q&A and some play!

We will also hear from the museum team about how to have your own adventure at the National Museum of Scotland!


28th July 2021

In May 2020, we were meant to be running a Picnic & Play session at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. Unfortunately, when the Pandemic hit, this was one activity we couldn’t take online…at least not immediately.

Ever the innovators, the Licketyspit team starting to hatch a plan with the Engagement Team at the Museum of Scotland to create a virtual alternative. After some time (and a few more lockdowns) at the start of July 2021 we finally got to the museum with Aaron Films and the NMS Engagement team…

“Margaret & Magnus visit the National Museum of Scotland!”

We’re so excited to be making this Storyplay film introducing you to the magic of imaginary play at the museum. Drawing on the Margaret characters in LicketyLeap and the Exploring with Jack series, the film stars Margaret (Taz) and Magnus (Andre) who find themselves transported to a strange and ancient land in the Magic Map.

There they find some fabulous Storyplay Champions from our Children & Families Network, who joined the set via Zoom with the wonderful Iona.

We’re so excited to share the adventure they had with you.

In the meantime, here are some photos giving you a sneak preview!

Survey: State of Children’s Rights Report 2021

Our friends at Together are putting together their 2021 report on the state of children’s rights in Scotland. Together is a charity that protects children’s human rights and their report will say what the Scottish Government, public authorities like the council & schools and other organisations need to do to uphold and protect them too!

You can find their survey for children here (the questions are on pages 6-9).

And you can send your answers as writing, drawings, stories, photos and videos to

Go Gallivanting! 

with Erin, Ethan & Leah from the Licketyspit Children & Families Network!

Now that we’re allowed to travel round Scotland, hear first hand from children about some of the best family day trips from Glasgow! #childrensrights #childrensvoices #LicketyMums

First up…Balloch!

Leah’s Affordable Travel Tips 

Citylink Family Tickets: 2 kids go free with 1 adult at the weekends!

Scotrail £1 kids tickets: up to 4 children travel for £1 each with 1 adult…

Travel should be accessible to all  – it is vital for learning, connection, exploration and discovery!

That’s why Licketyspit supports Everyone Aboard: A campaign to extend free bus travel.

More information here.