Storymaking featuring our Detectives

Friday 15th February

After a physical warm-up where we talked about stretching, slow-motion and the different ways we can use our bodies, we made a very unusual cake, and then did some quick thinking improvisation games to warm up our imaginations. Then, after break, everyone got their Detective Character out, picked a Place and an Object from the Licketyspit cups, and created some truly fantastic stories! Before we started, the class gave Taz, Ruby and Miss Till some words – 63 year old woman called Lucy, a Volcano, and a Crystal….

Later, we held the first ‘Riverside Book Festival ‘ where K presented a graphic novel about Detective Kabushebab. C told us the story of Detective Husky and her leopard friends who attack village in jungle. We also heard the Mystery of Redbeard in a Cave on the beach…and we can’t wait to hear everyone else’s stories at the next Riverside Book Festival.