Riverside Museum

Riverside Museum

The Riverside Museum was our first partner for Picnic & Play, with support from Awards for All in 2018.  Riverside is Glasgow’s extraordinary  transport museum with something for all ages to enjoy! There are over 3,000 objects on display – you can find there everything from skateboards, motorcycles, trams and buses to fire engine and trains. There are also lots of interactive displays and you can climb aboard a train or bus and walk through a Glasgow street and visit old shops, a bar and the subway!

For more information, visit their website

Picnic & Play 2019

It was great to be back at the Riverside Museum on Saturday 12th October for the first Picnic & Play of 2019!

We had a fantastic historical Magic Ball adventure through the museum, on a steam train to Australia and an underground to Egypt. 

Did you do anything new today?

  • Everything (in a good way)
  • Dressing up with old clothes, fussy eater tried & liked soup, mixing with children of diverse cultures
  • Dressing up and walking around the museum
  • Yes dress up game and sing a song with them
  • The riverside museum
  • Picnic with other children
  • Yes, imagination
  • Imaginary ballon play
  • The magic ball was new to what we have played

What is the best thing about Porridge & Play for you?

  • It was so much fun & having previously been a very anxious person, it was out of my comfort zone but so welcoming.
  • Playing and being silly
  • I played with my children and they met other children and play together, interact with others
  • The old thinks ‘long time since I ate with other children in museum and the picnic’
  • How great the guys were with Jay. He doesn’t always join in & everyone was very good at encouraging him
  • Meeting people and enjoying with our kids
  • Getting together for fun
  • The way the kids can use their imagination, imaginative play is amazing for children

Previous Joint Events

2019 Picnic & Play at Riverside

Saturday 12 October


Registration to enter the ballot is open until Monday 7 October – email CFN@licketyspit.com or text 0741 380 0342 and please state which Picnic & Play session you would like to attend, your children(s) names, age(s) and your postcode.

“Fantastic session and well organised and interactive with parents too. Would like to attend more.“ (Parent, Picnic & Play at Riverside Museum)

“It’s great activity for both parents and kids.“ (Parent, Picnic & Play at Riverside Museum)

“I’ve drawn a car. A motor. My car, I drive the car. A car you have a ice cream. Look a big motorbike! The car in the room. And look! A ship!“ (Child, Picnic & Play, Riverside Museum)

“Venue staff very accommodating and helpful.“ (Parent, Picnic & Play at Riverside Museum)