Dancing & Drumming with Adie & Thomas

Family Art Voyage 1

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I love my ice-cream I love my ice-cubes (Injeela)

sugar and butter!

I love my school, I love my life and I love everyone at Licketyspit! (Emmanuel)

sugar and butter!


We had such a FANTASTIC time at last week’s sessions with Thomas and Adie. They joined us on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday for the most brilliant and exciting workshops where we learnt a Kpanlogo drumming rhythm, some Ghanaian dancing and the ‘Sugar & Butter’ song!

Thomas and Adie had great big Djembe drums from Ghana, but they told us that to learn drumming all you need is a mixing bowl or cooking pot from your kitchen! Everyone made brilliant drums from bowls, Tupperware boxes, and even great big yoghurt pots! Thomas showed us how to hold our bowls between our knees and which parts of our hands to use to make different sounds. Then we learnt a Kpanlogo’ rhythm which went along with these words: ‘LET’S ALL PLAY THE DRUM, LET’S PLAY THE DRUM!’

We them learnt a whole dance routine with Adie. Picking apples from the tree! The Roll and Show! Slicing the cheese! Saying the Prayer move! And of course… the Wiggle dance! We put all of these moves together and danced along to Thomas playing the drum. What brilliant dancers we have at Porridge and Play.

We all sat down to learn the ‘Sugar & Butter’ song with Adie. It’s a call and response song where one person sings about what they love and everyone else responds with ‘Sugar and Butter!’ We all had a go:

‘I love my ice cream and I love my ice cubes!’ – (everyone) ‘SUGAR & BUTTER’

Injeela, Saturday Group

‘I love my school, I love my life and I love everyone at Licketyspit!’ – ‘SUGAR & BUTTER’

Emmanuel, Saturday Group

‘I love my sweets, I love my sugar!’ – (everyone) ‘SUGAR & BUTTER’

Muizza, Saturday Group

‘I love my mummy, I love my toys!’ – (everyone) ‘SUGAR & BUTTER’

Genesis, Thursday Group

‘I love my porridge, I love my play!’ – (everyone) ‘SUGAR & BUTTER’

Iona, All the groups!

‘I love my brothers I love my mummy’ (everyone) ‘SUGAR & BUTTER’

Ameen, Wednesday Group

There was so much love in the air!

We finished with some brilliant reflective drawings and great questions for Adie and Thomas.

Shullamite asked ‘how many Drum rhythms do you know?’

Osak asked ‘Is Ghana a nice country?’

Fiire asked ‘Can you play any other instruments?’ And then told us a joke that she had made up, inspired by the Sugar and Butter song! Then she told a joke:

‘This is the joke of the day: like butter or the butterflies who give you butter in your face and laugh until your lungs are tired out!’

We all had such a brilliant time with Thomas and Adie, and hope that they come back soon for more singing, drumming and dancing!

Blog by Iona  🎈

Remember there are no sessions next week but we’re back for our 3rd Family Art Voyage on 20/21/23 October.

The Lickety Gallery!

Family Art Voyage

Family Art Voyage was created in consultation with children & parents at Big Porridge & Play Online and Storyplay City. 

In Autumn 2021, 7 artists are taking us on 6 Art Voyages:

Week 1 –  Dancing and Drumming with Adie & Thomas (week from 29th September)

Week 2 – Musical Theatre with Caitlin (week from 6th October)

BREAK WEEK (October Holiday)

Week 3 – Model Set-building with Ali (week from 20th October)

Week 4 – Caffeine Painting with Jaz (week from 27th October)


Week 5 – Rap & Poetry with Hamish (week from 10th November)

Week 6 – Illustration with Catherine (week from 17th November)

Family Art Voyage is funded by Awards for All (The National Lottery Community Fund).

Please note there are 2 break weeks in this block, there will be no sessions on 13th, 14th & 16th October or 3rd, 4th & 6th November.