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Family Art Voyage 2

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6th, 7th, 9th October

We had a fantastic second week of Family Art Voyage with our guest artist Caitlin Forbes who joined us on zoom from Caithness, in the north of Scotland. We learned all about Musical Theatre in her workshop all about chefs!

First of all we had to come up with our chef CHARACTER!
What did our chef look like? What kind of food did we cook? What was our personality like? 
We met many chefs like ‘Chef Bunny Bun who was lovely and made cakes!’ 
Then we were ready to play a game of ‘YES CHEF!’ In this game we took turns being the ‘head chef’ who gave instructions to everyone else in their kitchen! 

‘Yes Chef’ Game

‘Clean the kitchen!’
‘Stir the Soup!’
‘Chop the peppers!’ 
‘Sweep the floor!’
After ‘YES CHEF,’ we used chefs instructions and tasks to come up with a dance routine! Caitlin taught us that anyone can make up a dance just by thinking of actions.
For example: if the action is ‘rolling the dough’ you can make it a dance move by using your whole body to roll the dough from side to side, swishing your arms as you go!
We did each dance move for 8 counts, along to the song ‘Food, Glorious Food’ from the musical ‘Oliver!’ Each group made up a FANTASTIC dance routine, all from chef actions! 

Kitchen Dance Moves

Sprinkle the cheese!
Temi, Thursday Group
Roll the dough! 
Adesire, Wednesday Group
Make the pancakes !
Roqueebah, Saturday Group
Shake the powder!
Ameen, Wednesday Group
Roll the dough!
Simon, Thursday Group
Turning the soup!
Genesis, Thursday Group
Mopping the floor!
Fiire & Pemi, Thursday Group
Nuo Xuan, Thursday Group
Stretching the dough!
Temi, Fikayo & Fuad, Thursday Group
Sweep the floor!
Brown, Wednesday Group
Janaiba, Thursday Group
Stir the soup! 
Hikmat & Faridah, Wednesday Group
Chop the veg!
Sara, Wednesday Group
Stir the beans!
The Saturday Group, Thursday Group
Clean the table!
Noor , Wednesday Group
Tasting the food!
Amir, Wednesday Group
Stir the soup!
The Saturday Group, Thursday Group
Giving the food to the people!
Felicia, Wednesday Group
Washing the dishes!
Shullamite, Thursday Group
The little sprinkle!
The Saturday Group, Thursday Group
We danced and danced and danced.
On Saturday more chefs came from far and wide to share their chef skills! Chef Caitlin was the masterful chef of cheese toasties! Chef Adesayo wore her best chef clothes with ‘a tray with food for my customer, and even more to make!’ Chef Azaan made fine lasagna! Chef Eshal made delicious bread!
Chef Priscilla instructed us to ‘peel the potatoes and make me a pepperoni pizza!’ Chef Islaam told us to ‘wash the dishes!’

I wonder if you can remember all the moves! Or maybe you’ve made up a new dance routine at home?

The session inspired some brilliant reflective drawings and stories.
Fiire described a meal from her Chef’s restaurant!
‘So over here there’s one of my customers’ meals. There’s taco, onion there’ s some guacamole, there’s some cheese and some bell peppers and some other ingredients. And then there’s some peas and things like that. Then there’s orange juice and then I made some yummy baking stuff while I was dressing up AND I went to the grocery shop to go and buy a gingerbread man!!’ My favourite part was the dancing, when we were picking up all the things to give them to the customers!’ 
Nuo Xuan described her drawing too: ‘So when we were doing the dancing I saw a door down the stairs and I went in it! It taked me to the shops and to the bakery to buy some bread!’
Muizza like that everyone got to say there own movement.
What a fantastic week! Thanks Caitlin!

Blog by Iona  🎈

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Family Art Voyage

Family Art Voyage was created in consultation with children & parents at Big Porridge & Play Online and Storyplay City. 

In Autumn 2021, 7 artists are taking us on 6 Art Voyages:

Week 1 –  Dancing and Drumming with Adie & Thomas (week from 29th September)

Week 2 – Musical Theatre with Caitlin (week from 6th October)

BREAK WEEK (October Holiday)

Week 3 – Model Set-building with Ali (week from 20th October)

Week 4 – Caffeine Painting with Jaz (week from 27th October)


Week 5 – Rap & Poetry with Hamish (week from 10th November)

Week 6 – Illustration with Catherine (week from 17th November)

Family Art Voyage is funded by Awards for All (The National Lottery Community Fund).

Please note there are 2 break weeks in this block, there will be no sessions on 13th, 14th & 16th October or 3rd, 4th & 6th November.