Mini Worlds With Ali

Family Art Voyage 3

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19th, 20th and 21st October

We had a fantastic third week of Family Art Voyage with our guest artist Ali Maclaurin who taught us how to make our own mini worlds using whatever we could find around our house… or in our garden! 

Ali read us a poem called ‘The Island’ by A. A. Milne which made us think about what our own mini world might be like..
What colours would we see? What could we smell? What could we hear? What did the ground feel like? What animals could would live there?
With all of these brilliant ideas and images in our heads, we set to work to MAKE our mini worlds! And what brilliant worlds they were!
With Ali to fire our imaginations we got to creating our own Mini worlds!
Using cardboard, glue, paint and colour we managed to create and explore our very own Mini Worlds. Ali helped us to unlock all the potential our Mini worlds had to offer and what worlds they are!

We used…

  • Upside down yoghurt pots make wonderful hills!
  • Pencils stuck in lumps of blue-tack make brilliant trees!
  • Ripped up strips of paper make a beautiful backdrop! 

One of Ali’s Mini Worlds

Our Mini Worlds

‘My world is gonna be green and blue. I could hear the waves and the sand. I could smell salt and wood and I could see birds and a cat and a whale.’


’In my world the colours I saw were the blue waves and the golden yellow sand. I could hear waves going through the wind and I could smell my picnic food that me and my family were having. I felt sand on the floor and the cold water. And I could see a palm tree and the sunset.’


‘I did a sunset with a family at the beach and there’s a palm tree and two kids playing in the water and that’s the picnic.’


‘I writed colours, tree, coconut, dark white sand, blue and sandy.’


‘I saw red and blue sand and I could hear strange birds singing that didn’t sound normal. And I could smell sand and coconuts and it was really bumpy.’


‘i used coffee bags as sand.’


‘So I can see blue and green colours and the waves and I can smell coconuts and the ground is sandy and I can see seagulls.’


‘My world would be green and blue. I can hear the waves and birds, I can smell coconuts and I can see turtles and parrots and birds.’


‘This is me in the water I was curly and living in a land. So this is Curly Koala and this is the water in this land. This is the sun and these are the trees, and a picnic with stones round it. I used stones because I’ve been getting them from outside!’

‘This is us and we’re playing football, and we also drawed a house, and the sea and the sun!’

The Lickety Gallery!

Family Art Voyage

Family Art Voyage was created in consultation with children & parents at Big Porridge & Play Online and Storyplay City. 

In Autumn 2021, 7 artists are taking us on 6 Art Voyages:

Week 1 –  Dancing and Drumming with Adie & Thomas (week from 29th September)

Week 2 – Musical Theatre with Caitlin (week from 6th October)

BREAK WEEK (October Holiday)

Week 3 – Model Set-building with Ali (week from 20th October)

Week 4 – Caffeine Painting with Jaz (week from 27th October)


Week 5 – Rap & Poetry with Hamish (week from 10th November)

Week 6 – Illustration with Catherine (week from 17th November)

Family Art Voyage is funded by Awards for All (The National Lottery Community Fund).

Please note there are 2 break weeks in this block, there will be no sessions on 13th, 14th & 16th October or 3rd, 4th & 6th November.