The friendly spider and the 100% Spicy Cake!

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Back for a winter family meet up!

Wednesday 15th February

What fabulous adventures we had at Castlemilk Library with all our friends and their families on Wednesday!

After a very groovy Dancing Warm-up, a meeting with lots of Funky animals and some very Mucky Brew, we dressed up as lots of wonderful characters.

This included the amazing Mrs Silly from Silly-land created by Abdul, who got us to do lots of silly moves that made us feel great.

Then suddenly, Ruby spotted the Magic Ball! Of course it was extremely tiny,  so we had to blow it up to fit us all in. Then we stepped inside and zipped ourselves up, ready for a new adventure.

We talked of going to Africa, to Birmingham, to Space, to Candy-land and when we did actually arrive, we found ourselves facing a giant spider!  We quickly had to decide what to do next.

First we were very afraid and shouted out “Stop annoying us!”, then we considered some bug spray, but the spider did actually seem a bit scared of us, so we couldn’t do that, then Sayeda finally came up with the plan of making friends with the spider! Well, it turned out the spider was a lovely creature and Abu was able to speak in Spidery (The language of spiders), so he  found out that she was very kind and wanted to give us all some chocolate! 

The chocolate was so delicious and magical and tasted of many interesting flavours, one being broccoli which was actually very tasty! I wonder if this spider made her own chocolate?

Then we were very thirsty and fortunately found a large pool of beautiful clear water and some buckets. We had a bucket of water each and drank until we felt full of energy and just had to dance!

This was so much fun and everyone had their own special style of dancing. After this we we all felt it was time for a swim. The water looked so cool and clear and felt so lovely, although it was also a bit scary as we did briefly spot a shark! Aaaagh!

It seemed that we had now reached the sea!

The shark disappeared as quickly as it had arrived though and very soon we found ourselves swimming with thousands of clownfish with beautiful scales of orange and white and black. We were all feeling so relaxed and after a while swam up to the surface.

It was lovely to have a wee rest on the beach and think about what we might have to eat. Well, as luck would have it, we were in exactly the right place because as if by magic, two chefs appeared, both saying they were better at cooking than the other one. We decided that we would have cake and we all made a cake together!

Abu put in M & M’s and Nabilah added 100 percent spicy sauce. Rukayat measured 3 cups of sugar and 5 mushrooms went in from Abdul. Then it was time for the cinnamon sauce and baking powder from Shirley and 5 kilos of milk from Harry. Aishah added cup cakes, ice lollies and everything and Nusaibah suggested donuts as glasses should go on top. With Sekinat’s strawberries, Sayeda’s bananas and the French chef’s Eiffel Tower, it looked absolutely spectacular!

Other toppings included blue jelly, mermaids, donuts, strawberries, sprinkles, icing and carrot gold candles. The cake was very fiery and delicious and we all enjoyed the multitude of flavours in each slice!

What a treat and the children were so amazing, they even sorted out the quarrel between the chef’s about who was better at cooking.

Children sorted out the competition – they said the chefs should be friends and bake together as they were both good and they both got medals.

What a wonderful day and that cake really was the best tasty treat ever!

Blog by Sarah, Camille, Ruby and the Porridge & Play Castlemilk Pals!

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This session was part of our Storyplay City sessions supported by Glasgow City Council.

Storyplay City ran from 2020, with lots of online sessions bringing children and families together for spectacular Storyplay adventures on Zoom.

It finishes at the end of March 2023. Find out more about the project here.

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