The Wee Penguin who Loved Snowball Fights

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Blog post written by Sarah!

Govan was just delightful and packed full of magical adventures!

Wednesday 1st March

We danced our socks off in the groovy Dance Warm-Up with some mighty fine moves from Bimbo, Toby, Shadda, Sami and Mohammed to get us all warmed up.

Then we met some of the Funky Chicken’s new pals. It was just marvellous to meet the two Biggies – Tiger and Hedgehog – and then the Sharp-Nailed Sloth and a very Happy Axolotl. What a treat!

We were searching for the Magic Ball and Shadda and Azeem managed to find  different pieces of it which we stuck together. After Ameen and Amir remembered the song, we sang it all together. Off we went to a far off land that was very white and snowy…

Where we found a Penguin!

Mohammed saw it, in amongst all the mist and the icicles, and fortunately he was able to speak the special Penguin language of this land!

He let us all know that this poor wee shy penguin was lost! It looked very worried, so we were so glad when Bayan said she knew the way to her home! We all bravely followed Bayan, trudging through the snow and when we arrived, it turned out that the wee, shy penguin loved snowball fights, especially with her Penguin best friend who came to join us and we all had the best time playing around in the sparkling white snow!

After all that jumping about and dodging snowballs, we were all very thirsty and the shy Penguin’s pal gave us some Antarctic frozen juice. It was unlike anything we’d ever tasted before – icy and sparkly and fizzily, fruitily magical! Of course then we were also extremely hungry and the penguins seemed keen on the idea of baking a cake.

But not just an ordinary cake, no! A super sweet and fishy penguin-tastically delicious-

Antarctic cake


  • a little bit of fish
  • some carrots
  • salt, chocolate
  • a big drizzle of honey
  • Bimbo’s scrumptious vanilla
  • spicy biryani
  • succulent strawberries
  • Mira’s strawberry ice-cream
  • purple cake
  • Andre’s unforgettable mini me’s!

We were all singing Happy Birthday To Us, when a sad boy appeared. He was crying because no-one had remembered his birthday! Well Shadda was very kind and suggested we give our home-made birthday cake to the sad boy and it made him so pleased that he turned into Happy Boy and then he was so happy-

He invited us all to his underwater party!

Just close your eyes, he said,  and then as if by magic, the sea came and washed over us all in a big blue wave and suddenly we were able to breathe underwater and swim and marvel at all the wonderful sea creatures around us.

We met a Shark, so we did a Seaweed Freeze in case he was scary. But he wasn’t. In fact, he was actually a hungry, happy Shark who loved the strawberry ice-cream we gave him. ‘Thank-you,’ he said, and called out to the boy, ‘Happy Birthday!’

Finally, we met a Mermaid who said if we all swam up to the surface and back to land, there was soon to be a tasty feast for us.

But first she asked if we might draw her some pictures of our wonderful adventures. And so we did!

Blog by Sarah, Taz, Andre, Camille and the Porridge & Play Govan Pals!

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This session was part of our Storyplay City sessions supported by Glasgow City Council.

Storyplay City ran from 2020, with lots of online sessions bringing children and families together for spectacular Storyplay adventures on Zoom.

It finishes at the end of March 2023. Find out more about the project here.