Miltonbank P6/5 Playcard Play

Monday 9th March 2020

It was great to meet Primary 6/5 at Miltonbank for our first STORYPLAY session this week!

We had such a great time playing and imagining together!

We made ourselves as Big as a Bear and as Fast as Hare. Can you remember all the different steps in our warm-up?

Jack and Virginia welcomed some new animal friends to the group as well. We met the Funky Chicken and the Naughty Seagull! Don said hello to the Roaring Tiger and Jenielle showed us her Happy Cat!

Our flying balloons took us high above Glasgow’s skyline, and we weaved between some skyscrapers! Andrew saw his friend driving his motorcycle through the forest and luckily, he was OK after falling off! Jodie saw Space and we managed to see Jupiter as well!

We had some brilliant dressing up! This group had a real obsession with hats and there many exciting and interesting items of clothing, including a bag, being wore on our heads! Hamza was a stylish businessman, Conor managed to fit three hats and ear warmers onto his head and Charley-Jo was the lucky person with a yellow bag on her head! We can’t wait to see what creations you come up with next time!

We played Witches Fingers for the first time and this was a very popular game for this group! Virginia told us all about her Grandma, can you remember the lyrics to our song? In Monsters Footsteps we met Grandma Libby and she told us about her beautiful castle and the wonderful smelling roses in her garden!

We are very excited for our next session with this group! We wonder what we will get up to next time…?

We had a fantastic Lickety Art Gallery!

You can read some of the children’s words below and see all the drawings in a P6/5 album on our Facebook page. Click here to see it!

I liked when we were flying with the balloon and when we were dressing up all of us together!


That’s the planet there and that says fun and funny! I loved when we dressed up. I hadn’t dressed up like that before and I liked that someone had pants on their head!


I drew this granny and she was wearing lots of different things. She was growing flowers in her garden. The monsters footsteps game was my favourite today because it meant I could pretend to be a granny!


This is the Ugly Witch. She has a cat and her cats name is called Marbald. She lives in a forest and she wears purple and black clothes. My favourite game today was witches fingers, I liked the bit where we had to wait for the word POISON!


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