Red Bob the Red Blob and the Grumpy Fairy Godmother

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Blog post written by Sarah!

We saw lots of stars in Cranhill last week!

Wednesday 15th March

All of us bravely blasted into space in the Magic Ball and together we space walked with Heather in a strange new atmosphere….

It was light and floaty and made us feel weightless.

We tried space-running and bouncing and that felt amazing! 

Then suddenly an alien came and spoke to us in a funny beeping language that we’d never heard before, but fortunately, Donald and Mohammed were able to understand that the beeping alien was very hungry.

Heather gave her chocolate which she ate very quickly and seemed to like very much, then we gave her cake as well.

She really seemed to love sweet treats and after those snacks she seemed very happy and waved goodbye to us as she floated off into the atmosphere!

Next we discovered a beach with very soft, warm, pale blue sand that you wanted to wiggle your toes in. Zamn took us to some frozen jellyfish who were looking up at us from the edge of the shore.

The frozen jellyfish were all the colours of the rainbow and so beautiful to see.

Zamn also discovered that the soft blue sand was actually moon sand.

Moon sand is well known for being magical and when you press your feet into it, something exciting usually happens. Well something exciting did indeed happen, we met Red Bob, the Red Blob who appeared from behind a moon rock and looked around as if worried. 

Donald thought he was lost, but it turned out he was hungry too, just like the alien –  I think they’re struggling for food up in that part of space, so it was lucky we had plenty with us. Ezra announced, “ I have a food in my pocket !” and Red Bob the Red Blob was very pleased. We also gave him some cooked sausages and he was quite delighted. Aga was excited to give him something more sweet to eat and we all decided it might be a good idea to bake a cake.

It turned out that everyone was good at baking and we made a marvellous cake with

  • milk and strawberries
  • flour and eggs
  • spinach and sugar
  • then more strawberries!
  • we added Nutella and vanilla
  • marshmallows and pineapple
  • tea and a heater
  • a generous dollop of shower gel
  • strawberry ice-cream and cucumber
  • sausage and smelly socks
  • even more sugar
  • then plenty of sprinkles on top!

It was such a tasty snack, but then it was time to head back to the Magic Ball, and guess what? We couldn’t find it!

We didn’t know what to do.

Then Mohammed said we need to go to the fairy godmother who has lots of Magic Balls and can help us.

We found her in the thick of the Moon-forest

It turned out she was quite a grumpy old Fairy Grandmother.

She would only help if we sang her a song.

Well, she was very lucky, because we did know a fantastic song about a truly awesome Grandma and we sang it to her right there in the Moon-forest.

As soon as we started singing she became very cheerful and joined in singing and dancing with us, and she had some great dance moves!

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After that, she was happy to give us a Magic Ball and we happily travelled home.

What a fabulous time we had! Can’t wait to come back to Cranhill for some more Magic Ball adventures, see you next time!

Blog by Sarah, Taz, Andre, Ruby and the Porridge & Play Cranhill Pals!

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This session was part of our Storyplay City sessions supported by Glasgow City Council.

Storyplay City ran from 2020, with lots of online sessions bringing children and families together for spectacular Storyplay adventures on Zoom.

It finishes at the end of March 2023. Find out more about the project here.