Weird flamingos and a Horrid Pirate Parade!

Porridge & Play Cranhill

Find out what the Cranhill  group got up to in their latest Storyplay adventure! 

Week 2 of Porridge & Play Cranhill 2023

Thursday 11th May

Our pal the Funky Chicken invited some peculiar animals to Cranhill today! We met:

  • The Cheeky Lion
  • The Dying Fly
  • The Naughty Crocodile
  • The Big Dinosaur
  • The Weird Flamingo 
  • The Cheeky Rabbit
  • The Slippery Cat
  • The Scary Lion
  • And The Giant Crocodile

‘So this is slippery cat that’s what we were playing and this is a wet cat but slippery and that’s why she’s on the floor because she’s slippery. That’s me when I am cat. My favourite thing was…everything!’

We also got experimental concocting the stinkiest, stickiest Mucky Brew with the Cranhill crew! Here’s our formula…

A smelly dinosaur egg, mud from a puddle, feathers, sand, mice, butterflies, a poisoned cat, fire, slime, glitter and smelly fish

Mucky Me, Mucky You, Mucky Mucky MUCKY BREW!

‘We’re on the pirate ship and its raining and its sunny and there’s a rainbow.’ 

‘This was a pirate! With one eye and a spoon arm!’

They all came!

  • Captain Smelly Foot and Captain Super Potato
  • Pirate Olivia and Super Hero Pirate
  • Fashion Pirate, Captain Queen, Queen Shaylin Captain
  • and lots of other horrid looking pirates

Ready to take part in the infamous Horrid Pirate Parade!

What will next week bring for the fantastic crew of Cranhill?

See you then,

Sarah, Taz, Steven & Kayla

The Licketyspit Art Gallery!

What you said

‘This is a house,

‘This is a bear,

‘This is a bus.’


‘I drawn raindrops and the people running away from the sharks and the cats too. I wrote Brogan and my mum’s name twice. That’s the people eating the raindrops. The cat’s running away from them but he’s gonna fight the shark and the cat.’ Favourite thing – Everything!


 ‘I drew my cat like the teddy’ 


Everything from today. Granny, the bear, the dancing, and the balloons!


‘It’s the dinosaur egg. I liked being the pirate!’


‘That is the shark and there is the rain and this is the water. This is… that is a park and there’s a flower. That’s the sun’ 


‘This is the bear and this is the mouth and this is the mouth and then these are the cheeks and this is the cute eyes and these are the ears’ 


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