A sunny afternoon calls for outdoor imaginary play!

Porridge & Play Cranhill

Find out what the Cranhill  group got up to in their latest Storyplay adventure! 

Week 4 of Porridge & Play Cranhill 2023

Thursday 25th May

The sun was beaming on the Cranhill Pals and the Cranhill Development Trust Garden proved the best outdoor space to play!

Everyone felt energised by the heat and the sunlight and smiles abounded, so our dance warm up felt bouncier than ever.

Rainbow Trout Chef meets the Genius Chefs Of Cranhill

Rainbow Trout Chef needed some bright new ideas to get a new job! Luckily he was visiting Cranhill, home of The Genius Chefs: Chef Melissa, Chef Amazing, Super Hero Chef, Lazy Chef, Chef Coolio, The 2 Blind Chefs, Chef invisible, Chef disaster, French chef, Ninja Chef, Grandma chef, Gymnast chef and the infamous Chef Johnny Johnson.

Together they put their culinary genius to work and came up with the wildest cake recipe! 

You’ll need the following ingredients:

  • Love and kindness
  • Strawberries
  • Sprinkles and icing
  • Raspberries
  • Gymnastic food
  • Egg
  • Rainbow Chocolate
  • Amazonian Lemons
  • Rainbow sprinkles
  • Butter icing
  • Vanilla
  • Rainbow drops
  • Weetabix
  • Trout fish
  • Flour
  • Banana
  • Baking powder
  • Orange juice

And to decorate get plenty of Rainbow icing, Rainbow chocolate, Chocolate, Rainbow webs and Cream! DELICIOSO!!!

But after having a slice they found that inside they had baked in…


Off they went to explore in the Magic Ball and ended up in the sea! 

They swam and swam and found a pirate ship and a confused monster that bumped into it, swam down and disappeared!

Then a fashionista mermaid recruited them to model in her Mermaid Fashion Walk.

They walked fabulously and posed marvellously and all the other mermaids clapped and cheered! Strike a pose!!

See you all next week,

Taz, Sarah, Steven, Kayla

& The Cranhill Pals

The Licketyspit Art Gallery!

What you said:

‘The magic ball, the mermaid walk, the pirate ship and the food. And that’s a monster. The one that bumped into our ship and it went swimming down’ 

Artist Ryan

‘It’s the magic egg’ (she saw it on our journey!) Favourite bit – being outside, swimming in the ocean

Artist Genesis

‘This is when we were outside and everyone took a picture and thats the park and this here there’s a big mouth and a big heart that’s red’ (it’s us outside today). ‘This is a magic egg and this is the magic ball and this is magic ball wand. The heart is red because its a vampire teeth about to eat everybody’

Artist Shaylin

‘It’s a love heart and eyes in there and a wee circle there and a hammer and this bit is his mouth and its heart shaped. That’s a big duck.’ 

Artist Jack

‘So this is everyone and our magic ball and this is our pirate ship without the pirates and that’s it. And the sun cause we don’t have the sun normally and the sea’ Favourite bit – magic ball

Artist Shivaun

‘That was supposed to be me when I was a mermaid coming out of the sea’ Favourite bit – spending time with Licketyspit!!

Artist Amber

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