P1 Session 2

Monday 16th March 2020

This week it was sunny so we played outside in the playground which was lovely because we could run!

We had a double warm-up this week to keep us warm while we were outside! We made ourselves as Big as a Bear and as Big as a House! Can you remember how each warm-up rhyme goes?

We played ‘Do you know the…’ (Maybe you could draw a picture of them and send it to us?)

  • Rainbow Bunny

  • Rainbow Bird

  • Funny Cat

  • Rainbow Chicken

  • Ferocious Bear!

  • Funny Bunny

  • Loud Dog

  • Rainbow Cat

  • Juggling Dog

  • Rainbow Zebra

We made up funny ways to say a big friendly ‘HELLO!’ without touching! This will be important over the next few weeks, maybe you could create a new way to say ‘HELLO!’  with people at home! Or to do through a window? I wonder what creations we could all come up with?

Flying Balloons took us way above Miltonbank and way above Glasgow!

Zara saw  beautiful shells at the bottom of the deep blue sea! Amanatta saw a dog driving a car! Sara saw a Pig in a Tree, Melody saw a Pig on a toilet! Ahmed saw a Monkey driving a car waving at the Pig in a tree! Mrs Robertson at Miltonbank – we waved. Then the seagull popped the balloons so we blew up new ones! Then we went so high we could see  Glasgow, Scotland, Mountains, the sea. Ahmed saw Monkey in a balloon! and  Maya saw the moon way up high! What will we see next time? When we play like this we can go anywhere!

We sang ‘There was a Princess Long ago!’ and we met Old Roger and the Old Women this week too! Can you remember what happened to Old Roger? Who came and took the apples and then what happened next?!!!

Then we baked a delicious cake! This cake was a bit unsual as it was blue and had smelly socks inside it! Can you remember the song? ‘Lets Bake a Cake, clap clap! Lets Bake a Cake, clap clap! Think of all the things that we like best!…’

We had a fantastic Lickety Art Gallery!

You can read some of the children’s words below and see all the drawings in a P1 album on our Facebook page. Click here to see it!

That’s me being a tree with the teeth showing! Grrrr! I liked Monsters the best today. It made me feel very happy today!


This is Sarah the granny! This is me as a tree and this is Jessica as a tree! And that’s a granny and those are two trees. And this is the tree game. I felt a little bit excited and a little bit nervous today!


That’s me! And that’s the witch in Witches fingers! And they’re just other people playing! I enjoyed Old Roger is dead! I felt happy playing today and excited!


That’s the witch in witches fingers from last week! We played the balloon game and the Cake game today! I put cupcake powder in the big cake today! I loved playing today!


That’s Lucy and Sara and that’s Aminata and that is Jessica and that’s me! I liked when we were all trees today!


So I have drawn monsters footsteps, that’s Melody and me and Lucy as well! And those are all the trees in the forest! I liked when we were sneaking at the granny today! I felt good today!


That’s everybody in the circle.


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