Week 2 of Porridge & Play Bridgeton!!

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Find out what the Bridgeton group get up to in their Porridge & Play Hub adventures each week! Porridge & Play is running throughout 2022 with this six week block being the first of many great tales!

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Week 2 of Bridgeton Porridge & Play!!

Friday 18th March

We had an amazing time on Friday 18th March with our lovely Porridge and Play families! We sang lots of fun songs & rhymes together and it was a delight to see everyone playing. We played some of our favourite games including Big as a Bear, Funky Chicken, Hello, My Name Is Joe, Dressing Up, Witches Fingers, Jelly On His Head and Grandma Grandma! What a week packed full of fun!

Once again we had a glorious spread of food to share round the table which gives all our families time to catch up and talk to one another about the week they’ve had. We love having conversations with all of our families and hearing about how our games are being played at home,  Moira said “They wee tunes are catching, I will be hearing them in my sleep!” We heard some of you love playing Funky Chicken before bed!

Leeanne said that “Lexi’s been playing all week, she keeps shouting “Do you know the Funky Chicken?’ at me when we’re walking down the street and I have to do it.”  We are so happy that the way we play has continued well after we have finished playing as a big group!

Big as a Bear and Funky Chicken was an absolute hoot this week! Our youngest members Emilia & Maab clapped along to Grandma Grandma which was brilliant too, showing that everyone can experience the magic of play!

Some of our favourite moments at the Porridge & Play Bridgeton?

This a man, this is the Funky Chicken, that was my favourite game .’


A house and a flower and a rainbow.’


‘The balloon going up in the air and seeing the sharks and the trees.’

Emilia & Moria

Strawberries and balloons and a shark.’


That’s a siren head fighting a tornado. Grandma Grandma is my favourite.’


Shark that we saw in balloons. (Another picture she did with Caitlin & Mariam) – a watermelon, an apple and a banana.’


Giant, Saw it when I was up in the sky in the balloons. She was eating chocolate. She was a bad one and it tried to get me. My favourite games was the balloon game.’


Some more fun games!!

Rayna told us all about it – “Buttons, joe from the factory buttons,” going on to say “Pressing the buttons” was her favourite part of the session.

Dressing up was a real highlight for us, as everyone was so creative as we dressed up as witches! We loved witch Niamate who was fantastic at really understanding that you can make a costume out of anything! That’s how we like to dress up at Licketyspit! You can take a t-shirt or anything lying around the house and create a fabulous costume right from your imagination.

We even got to meet fun characters who like to wear strange things… like Fred with Jelly on his Head! For some of our participants it would have been the first time that they have heard of our friends but that did not stop the likes of Summer who was having a blast doing the actions for Jelly On His Head which was a real joy too see!

We had to end with a Grandma Grandma. Malek & Mariam went straight into the rhyme remembering it from last week, what a treat! But, before we knew it we needed to go back inside as we did not want to miss Reflective Drawing!

We had so much fun playing with you all at Church House for our second week of Porridge & Play Bridgeton! We can’t wait to have even more fun next time!

By André and the Bridgeton Hub

The Licketyspit Art Gallery!

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Porridge & Play Bridgeton is a New Scots Integration Project by Licketyspit, in collaboration with Church House.

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