Picnic & Play at Balloch & Troon Beach!

Our Castlemilk & Bridgeton Adventures outside of Glasgow!

Find out all about our Picnic & Plays with the Bridgeton, Castlemilk and Cranhill Hubs!
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Porridge & Play Hubs is running throughout 2022 with this block being the 2nd of our exciting New Scots Integration Project!
Thank you to everyone who has partnered with us to provide such amazing experiences for our children & families, and to all our Storyplay Champions!

Balloch Castle Country Park!!

Friday 3rd June

‘This has been the best day of my whole life!’ – Alan

We got to explore a grand Loch when visiting Balloch Castle Country Park! We loved showing Mary-Anne the Storyplay way and met some exciting sea creatures along the way.

We started off our great adventure meeting Jim the bus driver! Jim drives coaches and was excited to show us how big and long and comfy his bus was! It was so exciting taking a coach to a new place, we talked about what we would see and what we would do at Balloch. On the bus we played some of our favourite games, such as: Do this, Do That, Jelly on His Head and Grandma Grandma.

Once we got off the bus we met Mary-Anne!

Mary-Anne is a Countryside Ranger and is in charge of making sure the park is well looked after but also well explored. Mary-Anne told us a bit about the park and how to be safe when playing near a loch (a big body of water)

We were also joined by our lovely Actor-Pedagogue Hilde, as Effie couldn’t be at this session. And so many of you!

So, with the sun beaming down we made a great big circle so that we could become as BIG as a BEAR! Circles are so important when we play games as it means that everyone can be a part of the game! Once we had warmed up our bodies, we soon met the Funky Chicken and had some super funky animals! We also had some Mucky Me, Mucky You, Mucky, Mucky, Mucky Brew!

Between Dressing Up as sea creatures and playing Monster’s Footsteps under water and to meeting some swash buckling Pirates we now have a treasure trove of memories to keep forever!

‘I have my calendar in my room, and I’ve been ticking off the days until we got to go! And now we are going! And I can’t believe it!’ – Rayna

Balloch Castle Country Park really is beautiful! With breath-taking views of Loch Lomond and exciting places to explore such as fairy trails and play parks, we loved every second of being at this amazing park! We think Patience summed up the day beautifully ‘I am so glad I came because I would have just been sat at home and not been able to do anything, but now we’ve come to this beautiful place, I’m so happy!’ We really were treated to a lovely Licketyspit day out! After all that Storyplay we gathered for our lovely Picnic which had some yummy fruit and sandwiches. Zahra made a lovely cake too, which we all shared together! As it was such a hot day we even had some ice cream cones! What an exciting treat and an excellent way to cool off on a sunny day, yum yum!

While on our adventure, Latifa told us all about how excited she is to be starting to go to Muslim School! One of the reasons we love Porridge & Play is that we can all come together and talk about our own cultures and religions. Latifa talked to us about the Hijab and what it means to her.

Duaa also explained what being Muslim means to her, saying ‘I’m Muslim, and I don’t wear a hijab. Not all Muslims do. I have braids see, cause I’m black, and that’s my culture.’ At Licketyspit, we believe that everyone has the capacity for kindness (the ability to be kind), regardless of race, religion, class abilities and education. So, seeing you all be open and explain what makes you feel like you really is the Licketyspit way! Thank you to Latifa & Duaa for sharing with us.

Did you know: The word Hijab (حجاب) is the Arabic word for “to cover”. There are many ways to tie a Hijab and many different ways to wear one. It can depend on activity events or even social states.  Islam is an Abrahamic religion like Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Buhi, meaning that they share a lot in common, although there are many differences.

‘I’ve never seen water like that before! It was so cool, and I loved the Picnic. Thank you for letting us come because I have friends now.’ – Brave

After our Picnic we got to go down to the Loch and paddle in the cold water! We remembered what Mary-Anne had told us about being safe and remembered to stay close to our grown-ups. After playing in the Loch and running along the beach we had to make our way back to Jim the bus driver so we could return home!

We had such a wonderful day with you all! We can’t wait for our next adventure together!

Blog by Andre, Rhianne, Ruby, Hilde & the Bridgeton Hub!

Picnic & Play at Troon Beach!!

Saturday 4th June

‘That was the best day ever!’

Buckle your seatbelts Castlemilk Hub because we are off to Troon Beach!!

There was not a cloud in sight in the sky, just pure BLUE! The sun was shining and the heat was mounting as quickly as the excitement of our Castlemilk Hub pals who were well prepared for the beach day ahead.

Sun cream to keep our skin protected and healthy, plenty of water to be well hydrated, sun glasses, hats and all the enthusiasm required for fun times at Picnic & Play.

For some of our pals this was the first time ever at the beach so expectations were high, but everyone was very patient and enjoyed the bus trip from Castlemilk to Troon Beach. it was a great chance to meet Sarah who will be joining us at our Castlemilk sessions from now on.

On arrival we noticed that many other people had come to Troon for a nice day out in the sun, so the town was busy!

Ruby & Andre had found a nice spot to set up ‘camp’. Close to the beach dunes we settled ourselves and got ready to make our circle while Amina, Amira, Nadeem, Atif & Anissa took care of starting the barbecue for our Picnic.

It was just great to take our shoes off and feel the sand between our toes! It felt just right to take off our long sleeve tops and to roll up our trousers! Or like Fiire, Anita, Ameerah, Kevin or Levi did, just get more comfortable in your very own ‘beach’ style!

How different did it feel to play our games by the sea? It was rather exciting to roll in the sand during Funky Chicken and to feel the warm sun on our bodies playing Big As Bear! To cartwheel about as Pirates and to run about barefoot from the Witches after they screamed ‘poison!’

And then…to the water!!!

Some got in tentatively like Taz and Emma who were feeling the cold in their feet but loving the water regardless. Others just went straight in like Arwa & Hadir’s big brother Armgeed – and Sarim who went in fully dressed!

Tentatively means to do something in a way that lacks confidence; hesitantly.

Pemi & Desi swam for a while until they were shivering and had to be wrapped in towels and dressed quickly so they could warm up again, but their big sis Fiire who had never swum before, was like a fish to water. She was not cold at all! Both she and Jared couldn’t get enough of swimming in the sea! Ameerah loved swimming too but also loved dancing with her mum, Anita in the ocean shallows!

The truth is, almost everybody went in the water at some point and since it was really quite hot, dipping in and out of the sea was the loveliest thing to do.

‘The barbecue is ready!’

Sayeda made delicious onion pakora with a lovely sauce and Amina made her signature Chicken Tikka that many of our pals enjoyed! We also had lovely veggie sausages and burgers, fruit and delicious ice cream.

It was just a perfect beach day with delicious food and lovely pals to enjoy it with and I think we can all agree that the Castlemilk Hub pals were all fantastic at making the day relaxed and fun and also safe for everyone as we all looked out for each other and helped each other out throughout the day.

It is exactly what we say about playing our games! ‘Games are best when everyone is in them!’ So, the same goes for a brilliant day out: days out are best when we all look after each other together, to make sure we all have the best time!

Thank you all for being the best pals for the best day ever!!!

By Taz, Andre, Sarah, Rhianne, Ruby & The Castlemilk Hub pals

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Porridge & Play Hubs Castlemilk, Cranhill & Bridgeton is a New Scots Integration Project by Licketyspit, in collaboration with the Indigo Group, Cranhill Development Trust & Church House.

For Picnic & Play we have partnered with Castlemilk Park, Tollcross Park, The Hunterian Museum, The Science Centre, Glasgow Green, Glasgow Women’s Library, Forth & Clyde Canal Boat Society, the Riverside Museum, the Tallship, Balloch Castle Country Park and Dream Machine! We’d like to say a big THANK YOU to all our partners for helping us provide such an amazing programme for all our families.