Picnic & Play Balloch!

Picnic & Play Balloch

Picnic & Play Balloch, 2023

Friday 7th July

It was a beautiful Sunny day for our Online group’s Picnic & Play Balloch!

We announced ourselves to Balloch Castle as BIG as BEARS and FAST as HARES

working hard to keep up with our pals during PE shapes! 

cartwheels, flying legs… arms… feet… ! football, gymnastics, push ups????

It was so great to have so much space to run around in and it was great to be able to sing together. 

Taz wrote a wonderful love letter for us to play letter to my love

“To my love

I love love love love love love love love love you

she dropped it 

a pal pocketed it

we kept our hands behind our backs and we did our very best to not look suspicious!

time for a quick game of shark & sea weed tag before we our delicious picnic made extra special by Dami’s jollof rice! 

We flew on the wild fox zip line and we paddled in the water, searching for stones and shells to gift to Pirate Taz.

Muhamad & Arman set up a magic ball and they took us on an adventure through the ocean where we found a shipwreck and a path leading to some treasure!

What you said:

“This is the play park with a climbing frame, a rainbow, a flag”

Artist Gabby, Your Content Goes Here

“At the beach with pebbles, the water and the sun”

Artist Gabby, Your Content Goes Here

Thanks for playing with us, see you soon!

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