Miltonbank P2 Playcard Play

Wednesday 11th March 2020

A lovely session of Playcard Play was had with Primary 2 at Miltonbank this week. After their fantastical adventure with Margaret & Margaret, everyone played the Lickety Playcard games with such great energy and enthusiasm.

You can come and learn them too at Porridge & Play next week! (18th March 1-3pm)

Everyone quickly learnt the warm up, so many brilliant bears, hares, birds and foxes! We could have played the funky chicken for hours because everyone had such great ideas for animals.

We then had a lovely time flying with our balloons high in the sky. We saw lots of friends and families far below – houses that looked like shoe boxes and trees that looked like broccoli!

This was followed by fantastic dressing up, wearing jackets back to front, and tights on our head, experimenting with lots of different ways of wearing things.

We then had fantastic games of Monster’s Footsteps and Witches Fingers, where we really got into the characters of the witches, monsters, trees and granny.

We finished the session by blowing up the Magic Ball, undoing our zips and climbing inside!

We flew to a castle for a huge feast feast and cooked delicious things on the fire. Then went up the tower to find some magic bunnies who gave us three wishes. We wished to go under the sea and see dolphins! So we pulled out the big blue silk and swam around underneath it, seeing all kinds of sea creatures and finding golden treasure!

Everyone now has a piece of magic ball in their pockets which they can pull out at any moment to blow up and climb inside to travel anywhere in the world!

We look forward to playing with Primary 2 again on Monday before Porridge & Play with their families on Wednesday.

We had another brilliant Lickety Art Gallery!

You can read some of the children’s words below and see all the drawings in another P2 album on our Facebook page. Click here to see it!

There’s Jaymes and me in the magic ball going to Turkey. Gonna go to the beach. It was my favourite game and I felt amazing.


The witch playing. ‘I’m going to drink a bottle of Irn Bru.


It’s all of us dressing up and a dressing up top. That’s Mrs Lennox, that’s Nicola, Euan and me. It made me feel excited.


There’s the wall and that’s Jaymes as a spy and me as a detective.I felt happy playing today.


It’s my mum and my granny and you (virginia). Made me feel good!


When me and james went to the magic ball me and Jaymes went to the movies to see spy in the sky, eating popcorn and drinking a soda can. Magic ball fave. Made me feel eternity and awesome!


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