Miltonbank P3 – Session 2

Wednesday 11th March 2020

Blog by Taz:

I met the P3 class this morning for the first time. A lively lovely bunch! Even though they hadn’t met me before they were kind and welcoming.

We had a good warm-up that everyone seem to enjoy and we got on with playing! Funky Chicken was a fun surprise as many of the children offered fantastic animals: a cheeky cat, a nice fish, an angry alligator, a crazy dolphin…

We took a big old trip on our balloons over Europe and then further across the world and after that had another rendition of ‘Grandma, Grandma’.

Today we’ve learned a new tune called ‘Miss Mary Mac’ which was a hit with P3 as they really enjoyed singing and doing the actions to Mary Mac’s story!

Everyone dressed up with gusto and somehow we ended at the mercy of a pirate Captain called Captain Potato on a pirate ship…

After being ordered about but Potato and a few of different Captains Virginia led us through a wee relaxation that opened our imaginations to the creation of characters about to attend a fabulous party!

Upon arrival to the party we introduce ourselves to each other. There were grandmas and witches, mermaids, robbers, the king of pineapples, the king of animals, the king of ninjas…all sorts!.

We then had our very own individual entrance to the party full of shapes and movement and daring stunts followed by a super-fast dance.

Everyone seem delighted and was left beaming heading to lunch with a wee task ahead: to draw and write about the character they were at the party! You can see this on our Facebook page!

We learned more about P3s characters in the Lickety Gallery!

You can read some of the children’s words below and see all the drawings in a P3. album on our Facebook page. Click here to see it!

That’s Joker and I on two characters. A captain of a ship. On a boat like a pirate and at other times the Joker. He’s a captin on a boat called ‘The Golden Money’. I have a pet lion called Joker who doesn’t try to eat me!


That’s me with Macy when we were dressing up when I was the Queen and she was a princess. I am Queen Annabel from far away imagined country. It is very colourful and sunny there, the people are really nice and exciting there. I’m wearing polka dot shoes and she’s wearing a pink suit.


His name is Watermelon- his nickname- his real name is Melon. He likes football and Licketyspit. He doesn’t like bad people. He lives in a palace of marshmallows, his pet is a dragon who eats marshmallows. He’s round about 13 and he lives in a palace I think his family was rich and gave it to him.


This is Ariel the mermaid, kind of a princess and mermaid like Casey’s. This other one is a sister of hers called Star: ‘I like dresses. I turn into a mermaid, I am in love! I have an amazing singing voice.

Mia Cara

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