Oakwood P4 Storyplay Session 3

Session 3

19th February 2020

We had another great day with Oakwood’s P4s!

We started with Storyplay games and our ‘Big as a Bear’ warm-up grew into a new group poem of similes and actions like ‘Make yourself  as… ‘Smiley as a person!’  ‘as Spikey as a hedgehog!’, ‘as Rolly as a ball!’, and ‘as Slow as a Sloth!’

We flew off in our Magic Balloons again high over Scotland and the world …seeing stories unfolding far below us!

Then we sat and told each other the story of the Molly Whuppie LicketyTale we saw on Monday. Everyone had fantastic recall of the story in great detail.

Ten of us dressed up as the King! And twenty of us dressed up as the Giant! We had great fun exploring our castles and our gardens! The Kings paraded to join the Giants and we met all the characters.

The Giants interviewed the Kings & then sang gardening songs and did a bit of gardening.

  • As Cold as a Popsicle – Damon

  • As Chocolatey as an Easter Egg – Millie

  • As yummy as a Cake – Kayleigh

  • As Hungry as a Wolf – Ava

  • As Loud as Music – Lily

  • As Soft as a White Tiger – Kaydie

  • As slow as a sloth climbing down a tree – John

  • As Erupting as a Volcano – Logan

  • Jump as high as a rabbit – Alina

  • As Skinny as a Noodle – Jessica

Then the Giants wrote a letter to their Giant Mums to tell them their news and what a problem they are having with the King asking for the 3 precious things…

And the Kings wrote a letter to their King Cousin, to tell them how things are going at the castle and how much trouble they are having getting the Giant to give them the 3 precious things.

The King wants the Never-empty-purse because he is so greedy! He wants the Dragon Sword  so that people will be afraid of him and do as he says. He wants the Singing Ring so he can sing so beautifully that everyone will love him!

The poor Giant is scared that the King will tell the people that he is a nasty horrid Giant and they will come to chase him from the mountain. He is practicing being a scary Giant! Not very well!

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