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Find out what the Cranhill  group get up to in their Porridge & Play Hub adventures each week! Porridge & Play is running throughout 2022 with this six week block being the first of many great tales! 

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Week 3 of Cranhill Porridge & Play!!

Thursday 24th March

What an exciting session! 

After our usual warm up we decided it was time to dress up and this week we all became Grannies! We had scary grannies, funny grannies, nice grannies, hungry grannies – every kind of granny you can think of! Of course, we held a granny convention where we realised that granny school just wasn’t the same anymore! They thought that your Brain Boxer was a ‘head’ and your Bread Basket was a ‘tummy’ that your ee-peepers were just ‘eyes’ so Granny Agnes had to step in and teach them all the right names….. And they GOT IT!

After that it was clear that everyone was ready to graduate from Granny Academy and head out into the world to be their best granny selves!

Maybe next week we can explore some more character creations and see who we meet…

Some of our favourite moments from week 3…

‘this is my granny who is a super hero but its just pretend she could if you wanted to (save people) Fave part eating – likes bananas.’


‘Its my mum (Granny) It was my favourite story (what kind of gran) sad Granny I was just drawing here (second drawing).’


‘A tree house Granny. lives in a tree house (the granny is) Happy who likes eating worms (Fave part) The purple bit.’


‘grandmas got no face at all, I think her face fell off she is very brave she did it her self as she wants to be scary and she wants to be skinny. She eats pumkins and bats that she has in her house.’


‘ She lives near trees and likes going to the park and running (Fave Game) Dressing up and drawing.’


‘Thats granny and that a dress and thats a rainbow and thats she is a girl granny and she is a funny granny (that likes to dance) at Funky animals.’


‘Coloured half a heart cause I didn’t have time. I like dressing up. That’s granny and that’s it’s house and it goes over the head, i’m not good at drawing roofs so it’s a bit wobbly.’


Meet some of our Grannies!!

Granny Ralphy lives on Earth in a mansion and loves to eat porridge

Granny Shiva loves eating lots and lots of chocolate and she lives in her house

Granny Ashley lives in a forest with her mum and they have loads of bananas

Superhero Granny lives in a village in her granny’s house and she eats cereal all day long!

Scary Granny also lives in a forest but she likes to scare people. She likes making scary costumes, eats worms, snails, spiders and bugs. Her favourite drink is to take some spiders and squish them up and add water with extra bugs in it for a delicious smoothie!

Kind Granny lives in a garden and grows beautiful flowers which she can wear. She loves the colour orange and all shiny things. She eats a lot of chocolate.

Nice Granny is always happy and she likes to relax by eating muffins and cookies and cake and a big glass of milk!

Do you have anything you would like to share with us about your granny character? Let us know! We love to hear your stories!

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Porridge & Play Cranhill is a New Scots Integration Project that will be running throughout 2022! We will be starting Picnic & Play in May and we can’t wait to go on even more adventures!

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