Our Celebration of Porridge & Play Cranhill!!

A great adventure!

Find out what the Cranhill  group get up to in their Porridge & Play Hub adventures each week! Porridge & Play is running throughout 2022 with this six week block being the first of many great tales! 

Blog posts are written by Effie!

Week 6 of Porridge & Play Cranhill!!

Thursday 28th April


What a fantastic time we had.

Huge thank you to Razieyh for bringing in some Kashk e Bademjan and Krystian for bringing Carrot Cake. They were both absolutely delicious! We’d also like to give a big welcome to Mojgan and Roja!

I can’t believe how many games we managed to fit in today! We played:

Big as a Bear

Funky Chicken

Flying Balloons

Grandma Grandma

Witches Fingers

Hello, My Name is Joe

Let’s Bake a Cake

We saw so many cool things in Flying Balloons: It started when Ryan saw a lego block and some ants! We realised we must be so high up that it was really a big building with some people walking around outside. Aga saw a huge lake and there were loads of animals too! Like a crocodile, some baby elephants being very silly and a GIANT OLIVE. But, then the naughty seagull came by and popped our balloons so we had to quickly blow up another one and this time we flew so high we drifted far far away and we saw a great big hill with some snow on it!

There was a sled on top of it and a great big tiger having something to eat. There were also unicorns dancing around and a man playing the bagpipes. Before we could go down to investigate a big jumbo jet came by and the wind caught us all the way back to Cranhill and popped our balloons so we could land safely!

Our final celebration cake was one of the most unusual cakes I have ever tasted and it was delicious! It had blood, chocolate, shaky salt, rainbows, snow, strawberry jam, brains, squeezed oranges, bones, chocolate rainbows, & hundreds and thousands!

What else would you add to the cake? I had purple icing and strawberries on my slice – how did you decorate yours?

See you all in the next block for some Picnic & Play!

See you there! From Effie, André, Ruby, Rhianne, Josephine & the Cranhill hub!!

The Licketyspit Art Gallery!

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Porridge & Play Cranhill is a New Scots Integration Project by Licketyspit, in collaboration with Cranhill Development Trust.

 What’s Next?

Porridge & Play Cranhill is a New Scots Integration Project that will be running throughout 2022! We will be starting Picnic & Play in May and we can’t wait to go on even more adventures!

Keep up with the Cranhill Groups adventures here! And keep a look out for Picnic & Play updates coming!

We would love to hear any ideas you have for places to visit for Picnic & Play!

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