Picnic & Play at The Hunterian Museum!!

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 Picnic & Play at the Hunterian Museum!!

Wednesday 1st June


The staircase to the Hunterian Museum is so great that only giants could climb it!

Remember the Magic Cup we found in one of our Magic Ball adventures? Jared had it with him so we all took a sip and …the Castlemilk Giants climbed up the beautiful huge staircase and found Ruth, who works at the Hunterian Museum!

Inside the astonishing Glasgow University buildings there are many fantastic places but perhaps one of the most interesting ones is the Hunterian Museum. Our Castlemilk pals together with Andre & Rhianne arrived at Glasgow University to meet Taz & Ruby who had Jack’s Magic Map with them ready to guide us through more exciting adventures.

We followed Jack’s Magic Map to walk through the archway to the Big Staircase to find Ruth who knows everything about the brilliant Hunterian Museum, but on arrival we realised we were now too gigantic to enter! So with a touch of his tiny wand Jared made everyone small again and Abu & Taz stepped into the Museum first: ‘It’s fine, we can fit now!’

Oh what a place!! We saw the skeleton of a plesiosaurus, the leg of a big dinosaur, dinosaur fossil eggs & many beautiful crystals!

‘Do you know the Punky Plesiosaurus?

A Plesiosaurus a type of marine reptile. It was not a dinosaur, though it coexisted with many dinosaurs. The first Plesiosaurus fossil was discovered in 1821.

Ameenah found a Capercaillie and Sarim spotted a dinosaur cranium! Rohan and Hadir drew fantastic maps! Arwa, Amina & Amira pretended to be crystal diggers and showed us their digging and collecting techniques!

‘Dino, Dino lost his leg…he went to the Doctor and the Doctor said she said,

           Dino, Dino you ain’t sick! All you need is a walking stick!’

We had our picnic in one of the university’s inner courtyards with the beautiful buildings towering over us. Nadeem was very interested in finding out how old the university buildings are as it turns out he really likes architecture! So he was happy to find out that visiting both Glasgow University and The Hunterian Museum is totally free and you can do it as many times as you want! Huzzah!

To top it all off, Ruby had baked a scrumptious chocolate cake to celebrate Amina’s birthday! So, we all sang and tucked into a lovely sweet treat before heading back to the bus and back to Castlemilk, full of laughter, picnic, cake and great memories of a cool visit to one of the many fantastic museums Glasgow has for everyone to enjoy.

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Blog by Taz, Andre, Ruby, Rhianne & The Castlemilk Hub!

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Porridge & Play Hubs Castlemilk, Cranhill & Bridgeton is a New Scots Integration Project by Licketyspit, in collaboration with the Indigo Group, Cranhill Development Trust & Church House.

For Picnic & Play we have partnered with Castlemilk Park, Tollcross Park, The Hunterian Museum, The Science Centre, Glasgow Green, Glasgow Women’s Library, Forth & Clyde Canal Boat Society, the Riverside Museum, the Tallship, Balloch Castle Country Park and Dream Machine! We’d like to say a big THANK YOU to all our partners for helping us provide such an amazing programme for all our families.

Find out about Jack’s Magic Map!

Find out all about Jack and his Magic Map here!!

Our friend Jack loves to go on adventures and during Lockdown he went on so many! He took us along too, and that’s how Jack’s Magic Map came to be.

Watch the videos here!

We now borrow his Magic Map during Picnic & Play when we want to find our next adventure.

Where will you go with Jack’s Magic Map?!