P1a Porridge & Play at St Marys

02 October 2019

It was wonderful to welcome so many parents and carers to the school last month for Porridge & Play!

The children shared some of the Lickety Playcard games they had learnt with their families – from Funky Chicken (and the Silly Lion!) to Witches Fingers, and especially Dressing Up!

Here are some things the children said about their Reflective Drawings in the Gallery…

M – Me going up the mountain with dad, dad is everywhere. Fave game – magic ball.
Playing makes me feel good.
O- lots and lots of heart’s desire, I like dressing up
T – An apple tree and Ruby in her orchard. I’m tree creeping towards you!
A – That’s me and Cole and the sun. We are flying around among the hearts desire. My
hearts desire is to be a mermaid. I will play at home and feel good!
M – Mrs McGinn and me and the hearts desire and this is the water, all on the beach.
Fave game, balloons, I feel happy.
A – That’s me, flying my balloon to the beach with my dog.

We asked…

What do you think your child will get from an experience like Porridge & Play?

You said….

  • Confidence, communication skills
  • Meet new friends and have fun
  • Learn to use her imagination more
  • Making friends
  • It will open his brain, let him become more confident
  • Good – help language
  • I think it’s good
  • Works in teams
  • Improve language
  • He always love to play in group

We asked…

How did you feel about doing Porridge & Play yourself?

You said….

  • It’s amazing
  • I thought it was good to have parents joining in.
  • Interesting/Fun
  • Fine, gets me time to play with Perrie.
  • Great stuff
  • Yes
  • Very good, really enjoy it
  • Liked it
  • Like a child, great.
  • We will try in home
  • Good