P1b Porridge & Play at St Marys

02 October 2019

Last month, Primary 1b shared some of the Lickety Playcard games they had learnt with lots of their families! –

We played Big as a Bear, Funky Chicken (where we met a Feathery Peacock and a Funny Elephant!), Witches Fingers and Pirates!

It was great to get to play outside in the blustery sunshine.

Here are some things the children said about their Reflective Drawings in the Gallery…

C – A cat or a caterpillar – you have to guess! A lion! I liked the food bit. Banana.
S – you have to guess! Mum! I liked the dressing up bit.
L & Mum – This is Ls family walking in the park – favourite part was coming in here for the food.
O – This is a ninja and this is me and that is the bad guy.
Y – It’s Y running outside, fave game witches fingers.
A – This is me, that’s the rainbow and the sun and my dad and mum and my house.
R – This is the table where we all have our lovely food – I loved all of the lovely food.

We asked…What do you think your child will get from an experience like Porridge & Play?

You said….

  • Confidence
  • Learn to express himself more and build his confidence.
  • Can meet friends, build friendship with group of children and learn play together
  • It affords her the opportunity to interact with people
  • Lot’s more confidence and mixing with different people (making new friends)
  • Lots of fun gained confidence
  • To play more with people and knowing I can do imaginative play with her
  • Play with larger groups
  • Wee bit more confidence

We asked…How did you feel about doing Porridge & Play yourself?

You said….

  • It was fun. The idea of parents coming together to play with the kids, see what they are up to and getting to meet other parents.
  • Was lots of fun and good getting to see what the kids have been doing
  • I felt it was a great way to interact with L
  • It was good
  • Something new, good fun
  • It was fun to feel silly and see the kids enjoying it all.
  • The idea was great. Many thanks for the opportunity.
  • It is brilliant think its really good
  • Nice