Treasure Hunts, Witchy fingers & lots of SEA

Picnic & Play Troon

Curious shells, Sunny spells, Mermaid Grandma, Ice lolly Treasure!

Castlemilk group’s latest adventures

Week 3 of Porridge & Play Castlemilk 2023

Wednesday 12th June

We had a truly wonderful time exploring Troon with our Castlemilk friends.

Anita got us in the mood to wriggle like fools by leading ‘Grandma, Grandma’

Then everybody was so keen to explore the beach and dip toes in the water… well not just our toes.. for Kevin it was his witchy fingers and Freya, Fiire & Rhoda turned into real life mermaids right before our very eyes there was even lying Down in the sea!

Lewis found an amazing, shelled creature. A Furry? A Furry Wet? A Furry Wet Sea Shell? And we were all so super curious!

Which was exactly what we needed to be because Taz, Ruby & Sarah then took us on a treasure hunt. We splashed in the water. We drew lines in the sand. We found ICE LOLLIES!!!!!

Anita jumped higher than the highest waves

Cristabel showed us all what true beach fashion looks like

And then Freya got us singing ‘This way’ Valerie all the way home

What a great day!

What you said:

Grandma, Grandma sick in bed!

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Thanks for playing with us Castlemilk pals, see you soon!

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